Sporty but not sweaty  - what is this track pants madness?

IVALO Head of Men's Fashion Eero looks into the sportswear trend and asks if the sweaty really is the new black?

DÊMOS is one of the IVALO brands that takes the sporty look to a new level

We all saw those three stripes whirling around the dance floor in Berghain. “The sportier the better” we could say if we look at what people are wearing.

Couple years ago you would never imagine that “dad sneakers” would make a come back, but oh yes they did – with a striking price tag of 800 USD. When I first saw that fashion houses started to produce sweatbands decorated by their notorious brand logos I had to look back. Where is this all coming from? We can’t keep on saying that 90’s is the main reason for this. That would be a much too wide approach on this trend if we want successfully forecast the movement of the sporty style.

Sporty pieces from Drifters LDN, DÊMOS and Last Sole

“The sportier the better” we could say if we look at what people are wearing.

I started my research with looking at street style pictures from different decades and various areas of Berlin. I saw the influence there, too, but it did not seem to be the original subculture that started the trend. There were too many variations and it was clearly not homogenious enough to start this kind of mega trend. After scrolling around I finally found pictures from London that was almost there - which leaded me to the “motherload”. Hundreds of pictures of young guys wearing exactly the same attire: shiny track pants, dad style sneakers, puffer jackets, football gloves, caps and some decorative luxury vibes with jewellery and accessories. Almost identical to the contemporary Berlin nightlife outfits we consider to be super fashionable.

I spawned the sporty trend to the Scallies of Manchester

Manchester? Who? Scally? What?

Yes indeed, this movement started from famous factory city in the UK – Manchester.  Scally - the term which is associated with youth with a particular style of dress. The term denotes "a roguish, boisterous, disruptive or irresponsible male", and is derived from "Scallywag", meaning "a disreputable person”.

Few seasons ago the sporty trend was following exactly this style, hence now we are able to say that these young blokes who were seen as “football hooligans” and “working class” – people made their way even to Italian and French fashion houses. The current shift within this trend - if we look the fashionistas - has started to take more elegant approach; silky blouses, pussy bows and luxury handbags and other accessories (instead of the counterfeit pieces the scallies were wearing). So, if you want to forecast further where this trend is going and where it ended up the last time before it got back into the fast moving fashion cycle – turn your head to Manchester and the football games in England. This way you are surely the team-player ahead of the game with your style!

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