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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Founded in 2013, RE-BELLO wanted to answers the customer’s increased need for sustainable yet stylish fashion. Sustainability and sensibility towards the environment are key values of RE-BELLO:“We want to put into practice the idea of a truly sustainable clothing label where design, sustainability and transparency go hand in hand.”

RE-BELLO - Nina Dress

RE-BELLO wants to help the world by convincing people that by making responsible choices in fashion, they have a chance to make this world a better place for us to live in.

The origin and quality of the materials, and the working conditions in manufacturing are really important for RE-BELLO. By choosing only quality materials the brand ensures that the clothing is durable and ethical. The designs are innovative, comfortable and beautiful; you can find interesting details from every piece!

RE-BELLO - Tia Dress

RE-BELLO’s mission is simple; become Europe’s best eco-fashion brand by creating a strong design and always innovating new ways to create fashion.

RE-BELLO - Josephine Dress

RE-BELLO - Daria Trousers

Daniel Sperandio answered our questions about RE-BELLO and their ideology:

How was RE-BELLO born?

RE-BELLO was born in 2013 from the idea of 3 young entrepreneurs - Daniel Tocca, Daniel Sperandio, Emanuele Bacchin - with the aim of combining sustainability and fashion. At that time the existing eco-fashion brands were lacking a bit of fashion, addressing a niche market of very aware people. In RE-BELLO we want to revolutionise the world of fashion by proving that real fashion can be done also in respect of nature and people. This willingness originates also the name: RE (=revolutionise) - BELLO (which in Italian means BEAUTY of which fashion is one of the main expressions). We try to address a broader target of people, because sustainable fashion is the only possible future.

What inspires you to create beautiful sustainable fashion?

The willingness to really make the difference. We want to inspire people to live consciously styled. We truly believe in the sustainable way we are making fashion and this inspires us and the whole team in our daily work.

What is your view on fashion world and trends today?

Main trends are still cost reduction and fast fashion. But we think that something is slowly changing. People are starting to understand that low costs are the result of someone else paying (in terms of low wage and lacking working conditions), they are starting to understand that often the very low price is too high considering the low quality and probably it is less expensive to buy a more expensive garment that lasts more. People are also starting to understand that real fashion lasts in time and is not over a few months later. But we are still at the beginning and industry (the big players) need also to increase responsibility. Considering the size of fashion industry and the fact that it is the second more polluting industry on earth (the first is oil&gas), big players need to understand how important it is to act more responsibly. This is the only option in future from our point of view also because continuing like this, we would need resources of 2.5 earths in 50 years from now … for sure everybody understand that we have only 1 earth :-)

Can you name your favourite RE-BELLO design piece at the moment?

Must have of the SS17 collection is the Hilda Parka with TV print.

RE-BELLO - Hilda Parka

RE-BELLO - Anna Shirt

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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