ODD ONE OUT - Artisanal knitwear design from Barcelona

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

ODD ONE OUT skillfully combines the artisanal techniques and amazing creativity to design luxurious knitwear. Alicia González is the talented creative mind behind the brand and she uses her technical knowledge in her design work.

ODD ONE OUT - Wool blend handmade knitting black pink oversize chunky sweater

Relaxed femininity, effortlessness and contemporary are the key elements of ODD ONE OUT’s design. All the knits are designed with a high attention to details. All ODD ONE OUT knits are timeless pieces you can wear year after year. The high quality designs are all manufactured in Barcelona to ensure the high demands of quality control the brand wants to have.

ODD ONE OUT knit designs are all inspired by nature and the adventures of Alicia. You can really see that the pieces are all uniquely designed and manufactured.

ODD ONE OUT - Mohair handmade knitting long cardigan metalized sweater

Alicia González told IVALO about her views on fashion:

How was ODD ONE OUT born?

After studying Fashion Design, I specialized on knitwear. I already knew how to hand knit but at that point, I bought my first old domestic knitting machine and discovered a full range of possibilities. I realised that working with these machines has lots to do with who I am and how I understand fashion.

That’s why I decided to start with ODD ONE OUT, meaning ‘different, that does not fit’. I chose that name because, as a Computer Engineer and also a Fashion Designer, I’ve always feel I don’t fit in none of the two worlds, I’m just in the middle of both of them.

Therefore, I wanted to extrapolate that idea to fashion. In ODD ONE OUT I try to combine artisanal work with urban style. I knit high quality pieces worked mainly in natural fibers such as mohair, alpaca, wool… in a style that I defined as ‘Urban Luxe’.

What inspires you to create the beautiful knitwear?

ODD ONE OUT’s collections are always inspired by nature and its landscapes, mixing rustic with urban life. Inspiration is related with my trips, my feelings and my way of understanding life and fashion.

What is your view on fashion world and trends today?

I think fashion has lost part of its essence. We are lost in a more and more fast world of trends, producing and consuming.

I believe in fashion as a way of understanding life and express yourself.

I love to work with high quality materials and do it using artisanal techniques. I really believe a piece can last forever in terms of quality but also in terms of style.

Do you have any design / fashion muses?

I don’t really have muses. My muses are people who surround me, my friends, my family, colleagues, …everyone has something special, everyone is a muse in some way.

Can you name your favourite ODD ONE OUT design piece at the moment?

My favourite piece at the moment is a sweater named ‘0’ from the actual AW1718 Adelaida 229 collection. It’s a very special piece in many senses. It’s knitted with needles instead of the usual knitting machines I work with and produced in an awesome yarn, 100% artisanal Spanish wool.

Every collection I ask my mother, who is an experienced knitter, to knit something different and special that it could be identified with the collection and the brand although is used only as collection image.

This time, the piece was conceived and developed during a hard emotional moment in my mum’s and my life so it has lot of us. In some way it was a ‘catharsis’. The piece took nearly 60 hours to be finished.

ODD ONE OUT - Alpaca handmade knitting crochet flowers sweater

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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