KM By Lange - Ethereal Beauty and Raw Elegance

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Launched in 2016, KM By Lange has started to make a difference in the fashion world. Two sisters Kati and Marina Lange are behind this ethereal and elegant brand. Their beautiful garments stand the test of time and trends while empowering women to feel amazing.

KM by Lange focuses is based between Barcelona and Kyiv. All the materials come from Europe and are handcrafted by women for women in Ukraine. All the manufactures are carefully selected by the brand. It is most important that all the women artisans get the right compensation for their work. KM by Lange is truly defined by a special attention to details and hand-stitched finishings.

KM by Lange - Light Blue Linen Long Dress

KM by Lange wants to empower women to express themselves with the clothes they wear. “We design our collections to bring beauty and aesthetic which permits a women to define her own style regardless of what other people say.”

The brand promotes slow fashion with attention to the materials used. KM by Lange wants to focus on making quality fashion design in lesser quantities. The pieces from the first collection are a celebration of carefree lifestyle and feminine delicacy. All the pieces allow you to play with them, combine and alter them however you feel at the moment.

KM by Lange - Black transparent endless sleeves top

KM by Lange - black oversize gauze dress

KM By lange is the first international brand to join IVALO. We were intrigued about knowing a little more. Kati Lange answered our questions:

How was KM By Lange born?

K M by L A N G E was born last year, the brand was founded by me and my sister Marina Lange in name of our passion by craftsmanship, beauty and our country Ukraine.

What inspires you to create the beautiful garments and the visual world of KM By Lange?

It is all about human values. For me excellence also means taking the time and trouble to understand the manufacturing process. I am proud that our clothes are handmade by women artisans in Ukraine, the country where I was born. We are concerned about the right compensation for all women involved in. My motivation is to create beautiful clothes which last and build a responsible sustainable business model. It is a little bit go against the tide, but at least I try. I guess everything you do should make sense and this does not mean “create beautiful clothes”, it means make something useful and respectful to make this world better. Also seeing my designs appreciated and loved is one of my dreams.

KM by Lange - cream wide leg jumpsuit

What is your view on fashion world and trends today?

Fashion moves very fast, we do not. We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace. Haste is the enemy of excellence. There are a lot of clothes we use within our life, a lot of visual contamination, new rules dictated by fashion every single day, television, bloggers, magazines. We are the children of this fast consumption culture, prisoners of fashion. Our goal is to escape from this tendency and focus on simple necessary things in order to create timeless design. Less items, possibly, but better quality. Our collection has a very limited amount of pieces, we prefer to focus on fine details and quality fabrics. It is also a way to be sustainable.

KM By Lange empowers women with fashion, who is your ultimate power woman?

There is no such a woman. Nowadays woman in our society has a lot of roles and requirements to just an example of excellence. It´s a lot of pressure and each one who follows this trend is already powerful.
We believe that each woman is different and totally unique, there are no stereotypes, our aim was to create clothes for standout personalities. I would like the woman who wears our pieces, to experience the sensation of total freedom.

Can you name your favourite KM By Lange design piece at the moment?

There are many of them, may be wide leg striped trousers and endless sleeves nude tulle dress.

KM by Lange - Striped black and white wide trousers

KM by Lange - Cream criss cross dress

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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