Kesa Fall/Winter 2018 collection has arrived to IVALO!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

The Berlin based fashion brand Kesa's beautiful Fall/Winter 2018 collection Nuances has arrived. Be one of the first ones to see these amazing looks and order yours today from IVALO!

Kesa - Fall / Winter 2018 Nuances

Kesa is known for the simplicity of their designs that is created through mystery and elegance. This is also present in the brand's Fall/Winter 2018 collection, which is filled with effortlessly chic pieces that charm you with their dark tones and romantic lines.

Kesa uses organic linen fabrics as main materials also in their new collection. The 100% organic fabrics come in beautifully hand dyed light grey tones and washed blacks.

Kesa - LACED FULL SKIRT in Black Washed Linen

The Nuances collection contains beautifully hand-crafted pieces. This Laced Full Skirt in black is a perfect example of the skilled atelier's work. This high-waisted linen skirt comes with an integrated lace around belt and is raw edged at bottom. If you're looking for lighter tones, the Laced full skirt comes also in grey hand dyed linen.

Kesa - RELAXED KIMONO in Organic Linen Jersey 

This elegant organic linen jersey kimono is a perfect partner to your fall wardrobe! The loose fitted kimono is very easy to layer because of its light feel and comes with a leather cord that you can wear as a belt.

Kesa - OVERSIZED DRESS in Black Washed Linen

This Over sized dress in black washed linen is a versatile piece that you can wear with its leather cord belt for a fitted look or without for a more free flowing silhouette. The long sleeved dress has pockets on both sides.

Kesa - SHORT JACKET in Black Washed Linen

Kesa's short jacket in washed black is a great detail to add to your look. This jacket has a classic silhouette with a fitted waist and is made of beautiful Lithuanian linen. The metal hook closure in the front is a romantic and practical detail in the jacket's design. This piece is also available in hand dyed smoky grey.

Kesa - LACED TROUSERS in Hand Dyed Grey Linen

All of Kesa's pieces are designed and made in Germany at Kesa's atelier. These delicate Laced trousers in hand dyed linen are an instant classic with their high-waisted look and integrated lace around belt. As the fabric is skillfully dyed by hand, each piece is unique. Also available in black washed linen.

Kesa - RELAXED MAXI DRESS in Organic Linen Jersey

This organic linen jersey maxi dress is an ideal outfit for those days when you want to wear something relaxed yet elegant. The dress has a loose fit and thanks to its French organic linen jersey its super light to wear.

Kesa - MINI CHASUBLE in Black Washed Linen 

This charming linen chasuble comes with a two meter leather cord belt. The chasuble is a very versatile piece as it can be worn and matched to any shirt, blouse or outfit for the perfect layered look.

Kesa - LATE NIGHT DRESS in Black Washed Linen

The Nuances collections Late night dress in black washed linen is the foolproof thing to wear when you need a dress to impress! The draped oversized collar of the dress is an impeccable detail. The dress comes with a leather cord belt and has metal snap closure on the back.

Kesa - ROMANTIC BLOUSE Organic Mixed-Grey Linen

The Romantic blouse in organic mixed-grey linen is the fine romance you have been looking for! The blouse has a classic look with its flowing draped shape, lovely wide collar and backside bow-tie closure with long laces.

Kesa - RELAXED LONG CACHE-COEUR in Organic Linen Jersey

The relaxed long cache-coeur with organic French linen jersey has a warm feel and comes with a leather cord belt. You can style this beautiful piece as a jacket or as a dress.

Kesa - RELAXED BATWING LONG SLEEVE in Organic Linen Jersey

This organic linen jersey "batwing" top has a loose fit and light feel. The organic French linen jersey gives this simply stylish top its beautiful structure and comfortable form.

Kesa Fall/Winter 2018 Nuances

The Designer of the brand describes the atmosphere of the Nuances collection:

"There is something unique about craft. 
Something intangible, however so present. 

It is not simply about manipulating matter. Creating shapes. 
Craft is about being present, with oneself and the whole. 
Letting time transform matter in a profound silence. 
Becoming one with the elements. Elated in solitude.

Nuances is about my encounter with matter, and the invisible.


Explore the rest of the Nuances collection on Atelier Kesa's profile on IVALO!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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