IVALO x Superwood Festival

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

IVALO is attending the Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki on October 20th to 22nd, 2017. We are opening a fabulous IVALO x Superwood shop for the duration of the festival, where you can experience the magic of IVALO and get to know some of our amazing fashion talents from Finland!

IVALO x Superwood Festival

The Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki will take place in the architecturally impressing Hotel Rantapuisto in Helsinki. The two-day long event is going to be filled with magical moments with music, art, expert talks, and vegetarian food all under the same roof.

We are opening our IVALO x Superwood shop for the duration of the festival. The shop will be filled with some of our amazing talents from Finland; from jewellery to fashion design, from unique pieces to everyday wear. Explore the selected Superwood brands in advance and get as super excited as we are!

Shy Vibes Club

Shy is the new cool with Shy Vibes Club! This brand's clothes are not only stylish but also comfortable and easy to wear. Shy Vibes Club's pieces are made with ethical production and eco-certified and recycled materials. You can find some of Shy Vibes Club's awesome pieces at our marvelous festival shop.

Read more about Shy Vibes Club on their IVALO-profile!

MORI Collective

MORI Collective is also joining our Superwood shop! This brand that consists of two labels, Mori and Diamonds From Dirt, is going to have some of their most wonderful clothes and jewelleries at your fingertips the whole weekend! MORI Collective's beautiful designs are inspired by nature, geometry and symbolism. Their high quality pieces are made of organic and recycled fabrics.

Explore MORI Collective's amazing designs at their IVALO-profile!

Mirkka Metsola

Finnish fashion designer Mirkka Metsola is a wonderful addition to our Superwood shop. Metsola's edgy but playful pieces charm you with their dark tones and graphic patterns. As Metsola's work is inspired by her surroundings, the contemporary arts, film, music, sound and subcultures, her designs are very contemporary and timeless.

Read more about Mirkka Metsola on the brand's IVALO-profile!

Lotta Larissa

Get ready to be inspired by Lotta Larissa's fascinating jewelries! These beautiful pieces have gotten their inspiration from the aesthetics of the North and their design tells a story of life and travels. Forms seen, materials touched and people encountered. Come and choose your new favorite jewelry from the IVALO x Superwood shop!

Read more about Lotta Larissa on the brand's IVALO-profile!


Lovia creates wonderful accessories and jewelries that you can also admire at Superwood Festival! Lovia uses recycled and excess materials in its products. All of the brand's designs base themselves on classic elegance and high quality which is apparent in each Lovia product.

Get to know Lovia more on their IVALO-profile!


Get your festival cool on with WWOOLLFF CO.! This edgy lifestyle brand will offer you some of their most exciting pieces at the Superwood Festival. The brand's limited, hand-drawn and handmade unisex items are made of the freshest and the most ecological materials they have managed to find on the planet.

Read more about WWOOLLFF CO. on their IVALO-profile!


Go golden with Jatuli! Jatuli's amazing clothes and jewelries will fit perfectly to your Superwood Festival look. The brand is known for their innovative prints and interesting colour combinations that fit perfectly with the clean, Nordic cuts.

See Jatuli's amazing pieces on their IVALO-profile!

We are very excited to join the Superwood Festival with these amazing brands. Come and get to know our designers and experience IVALO with us!

Read more about the Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki here.

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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