IVALO Travels - A Recap form the Berlin & Paris Fashion Weeks!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Get into the mood of Berlin and Paris F/W 2018 fashion weeks with our Fashion Team's photos!

During the past two weeks, our IVALO Fashion Team has been travelling around Berlin and Paris Fashion Weeks. At the international Fashion fair events, we had exciting meetings with some of our designers and met also new emerging designers who we cannot wait to join our platform!

To get into the mood of the fashion week extravaganzas see the Fashion Team's photo gallery from their travels!


At the Contemporary Fashion Trade Show Seek in Berlin

Eero looking fierce in Dusty by Marjut Uotila's design

The lovely Mori Collective girls were showing their designs at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin (photo: @moricollective Instagram)

Katja Iljana, the designer of KIKS, was representing her brand at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin (photo: @kiks.fi Instagram)

IVALO's Brand & Marketing Manager Ida and Head of Men's Fashion Eero took over Berlin Fashion week where they visited the Premium trade show, Seek Berlin and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin. Ida and Eero had the pleasure of meeting some of our international designers e.g. La Petite Mort, Trippen, Hannes Kettritz, and designers behind some Finnish brands e.g. KIKS, MORI Collective, R-Collection and TAUKO, who were representing at the Fashion fairs. Thank you all for the heart warming welcomes!

Seek was one of the trade shows that our team visited in Berlin

Berlin based Trippen will open an Exhibition and Pop-Up Store at P100 in Berlin. The collaborative project space will be open officially in March 2018 on Potsdamer Strasse 100, Berlin. Ida and Eero got to visit the pre-opening party while visiting the city. (photo: @trippen.official Instagram)

Berlin based Trippen offered a chance to get behind the scenes of their production by inviting guests to see an exhibition with live production of their shoes in their collaborative project space P100 (photo: @trippen.official Instagram)

Eero visited Hannes Kettrizt's pop up shop in Berlin. The Shop will be open until 15th of February at Richardstraße 76 in Berlin

Hannes Kettritz had a pop up shop in Berlin where Eero got to visit the designer. If you happen to visit Berlin before 15th of February you should definitely pop by at this shop! The adress of the shop is Richardstraße 76, Berlin. Eero had also an inspirational evening at Stella Lavinia's fashion show. Stay tuned for the soon coming launch of this amazing designer on IVALO!

Magical moments from the Stella Lavinia fashion show her designs will soon be available on IVALO!

Magical moments from the Stella Lavinia fashion show


Paris was serving us some sunshine!

Stella & Ida posing in Paris with Lovia bags

Paris breakfast while wearing Dusty by Marju Uotila sweater

One of Tranoï's locations was at the magical Palais de la Bourse

Stella at Tranoï

After the inspirational days in Berlin it was time to pack up the bags again! Ida traveled to Paris where she met with our Content Creator Stella.

Ida and Stella had a wonderful week in Paris where they visited the TRANOÏ fashion trade show, Who's Next & Premier Classe trade shows and also several showrooms. During the week, some of our designers from Finland e.g. Arela, Lovia, Terhi Pölkki, Hálo, LUMI, Ivana Helsinki, Vestiarium and Vejits were representing their brand's at FINPRO's organized showroom Paper Mache Tiger. IVALO brands Dusty and Nomen Nescio were representing in Paris at the CUBE showroom. It was great to get to meet everyone!

Paris morning. Ida's wearing KM by Lange's beautiful Ceramics Blouse

Camilla Mikama, the talented designer behind Vestiarium, was presenting her brand at the Paper Mache Tiger showroom in Paris

Lovia's lovely Outi Korpilaakso was representing her brand at the Paper Mache Tiger showroom

The Vejits designer Olli Turunen's designs are soon coming to IVALO! Turunen was presenting his brand at the Paper Mache Tiger showroom

The amazing Arela ladies were showcasing their coming collection at the Paper Mache Tiger showroom

Nomen Nescio and Dusty by Marjut Uotila were showcasing their designs at the CUBE showroom in Paris

Ida and Stella got to meet up with some of our international designers as well! The lovely ladies of W.Y.L.D.E. Paris were presenting their brand at Tranoï week's showroom and the team was also honoured to meet up with the designer of Ácrata, which is one of IVALO's newest accessory brands from Spain, at the Premier Classe trade show. The girls also met up with La Petite Mort's wonderful designer Andreina. Thank you all for the wonderful meetings!

The Tranoï Week showroom

The lovely ladies behind the French W.Y.L.D.E. Paris presenting pieces from the IVALO exclusive Cut Up collection

Who's Next & Premier Classe

Victor Gimeno, the talented designer of Ácrata, was showing his beautiful designs at the Premiere Classe trade show in Paris

This year's theme at Who's Next was jazz

Ida on her way to Tranoï trade show

Tranoï trade show's cosy lounge

Ida lounging in Dusty top and Vainio.Seitsonen culottes

Ida and Stella with Andreina, the designer of La Petite Mort

Thank you all for the amazing week!

What a blast we had. Thank you all and see you again next fashion week!

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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Content Creator


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