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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

IVALO is filled with emerging designers with an excellent view of the world. Unisex style gives us the freedom to express ourselves without focusing on gender roles.

Aubergin - Unisex Jumpsuit

Aubergin is an emerging brand focused on their own amazing prints. Their unisex jumpsuit is the perfect thing to wear even when the wheather gets colder.

Form of Interest - Checked Oversized Dress

Oversized dress is from Form of Interest collection"we are the daughters of the witches you did not burn" The piece is oversized dress which is shorter in the front and longer in the back by cut. It could be worn as dress or as shirt. Wool cotton blend makes this unisex dress a must have!

KASPERI - Backpack, Small, Black

KASPERI backpacks are becoming a true icon in Finland. These slim design backpacks will keep the center of gravity close to the carrier’s back. KASPERI bags are known for their stainless steel buckles that are an interesting detail in a bag you will want to use everyday!

Nomen Nescio - Loose Pants A

Nomen Nescio is a unisex fashion brand from Finland. They specialise in unisex clothing, offering nothing but black pieces in variation of styles. Their contemporary pieces are perfect for a minimalistic unisex look.

Last Sole - Dune

Portuguese brand Last Sole creates contemporary shoes with interesting details and unconventional styles. Dune, especially, is a beautiful model that will fit a variety of events and style needs. Last Sole focuses on beautiful craftsmanship and it shows!


UKKELI is the love child of Teemu Keisteri, a Finnish artist with an eye for neon. UKKELI shirts are all hand painted and you can order a size as large as you like. These T-shirts are basically wearable art; unique and awesome!

AKASO - Hailu Gusho unisex sweater

This cool AKASO Hailu Gusho sweater has been designed in cooperation with Kara tribe artist Gusho, originally as a collage on paper. This print symbolises how Kara body painting art reshaping the face’s appearance. AKASO pieces are all amazingly comfortable and stylish.

KIKS - Moon Sweater

One of KIKS' classics is the Moon Sweater. This unique sweater made of firm synthetic sportswear tricot and cotton fabric with a hand-painted moon. This loose fitting sweater is the cozyest thing you could wear during the upcoming autumn. This sweater is designed and made in Finland.

We are constantly looking for new unisex brands and pieces to join IVALO. Stay tuned and you will find your new favourites from our curated designers!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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