Ida Nyrhinen

Ida Nyrhinen

"From iconic dresses, shirts, skirts and accessories to materials that can elevate your spirits, exquisitely designed pieces that can help express your personal style and inner beauty."

IVALO application was launched in October 2016. The revolutionary application rose straight to the top of most downloaded fashion and shopping applications, even beating the mass fashion giants. IVALO started melting hearts with amazing finnish designers. Today IVALO has around 300 talented designers from all over Europe.

The need for a service like IVALO was crystallised when our CEO Matti Lamminsalo discussed with his fashion designer friend about her future plans and dreams. The designer was focused on the creative side, naturally, and actually didn't have an idea how to proceed with the commercial side of the business and this was making her very anxious. As a serial entrepreneur Matti knew he could help his friend in need. The idea behind IVALO is very simple and human. We want to give a voice to the fashion designers, we want to help talented artist to rise to the top and help them to be free to create. It is our passion to give the consumers the possibility to make better fashion choices and support really valuable design work.

Our goal is to make the fashion world better one step at a time. At the moment mass production, shopping frenzies and unrealistically cheap prices are ruling the world. This has got to change. By getting to know the stories behind the brands, demanding transparent production lines and knowing the materials we all have a chance to make better choices that effect our planet's future.

IVALO in a tech -based company; our application and webshop have been created completely independently. Our indepence makes it possible for us to develop without boundaries, without restrictions of platforms and it gives our whole team the possibility to be creative.

Strong tech knowledge is making IVALO's global entry easier. Global domination has always been an important part of IVALO's strategy because we find it to be really important that finnish design is noticed from France to Portugal. We are incredibly proud of our home country and we want to show the world what our wonderful land can do best!

The same love obviously applies to every brand on IVALO no matter where they come from. We believe it is important to listen to our designers hopes about internationalisation and help them reach their goals.

There are few ways we find our international designers. IVALO's fashion team visits fashion tradeshows twice a year and gets to know the current trends, potential new desigeners and spots the best trendsetters. IVALO's secret weapon is our army of fashion scouts who roam the world trying to find the hidden gems of the fashion world. There is also the opportunity to send an application through IVALO.com.

IVALO's basic principle is simple. We offer the designers a free sales platform, from where they can find new customers from Finland and worldwide. IVALO is a commission based business, we take a commission from every item sold. This model makes it really comfortable and easy for the designers.

Every designer works independently inside IVALO. Every order they get the designer ships from their own storage. IVALO acts as the story teller and the customer server for customers and designers. Creating fashion experiences is the most important thing for the entire IVALO team.

You won't see campaign that provoce shopping hysteria, like Black Friday. In November 2017 IVALO held the first Everlasting Friday. The commissions made on that day were donated to charity. We stand for carefully considered purchases not for forceful fashion mania. Our designers are free to discount their own prices but we will never force them to do so.

Because we operate mostly in the wonderful world of internet we are really excited to execute events and photoshoots whenever we can. All of these make our brand and experience stronger. We have attended many events in Finland and we are currently planning international events.

I want to thank each everyone of you, new and older IVALO lovers, our designers and our ever growing customer base. Every comment, outfit picture and most of all support is incredibly valuable for our IVALO team.


Ida Nyrhinen

Ida Nyrhinen

Brand & Marketing Manager


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