ISALDA - Modern accessories from Madrid

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Founded in 2016 ISALDA has established itself to be an artistic accessory brand with high quality handbags.

ISALDA creates beautiful pieces from different perspective. The brand’s design work focuses on respecting environment and recovering the traditional artisanal skills. Manufacturing is done by local artisans and suppliers. ISALDA believes in simplifying the designs to find the soul of the product.

ISALDA creations are always minimalistic and contemporary. Modern art is a great inspiration to this accessory brand. You can really see in influence in the designs; these hand bags are wearable pieces of art.

Isabel let us into the inner workings of ISALDA:

How was ISALDA born?

ISALDA arises in May of 2015 after a trip that I did to New York. I wanted to create something of my own and I started researching suppliers, developing the collection and setting up the business plan. A year later, in April of 2016 I launched the brand to the market.

What inspires you to create amazing accessories?

My inspiration comes mainly from the simplicity of volumes, their proportional geometry and balance; contemporary art; monochrome colors; architecture; industrial design; shadows cast by objects; sculptures and origami. My aesthetic challenge is to create not only simple, but expressive abstract patterns.

However, my main motivation is the deep conviction that we can make things from another perspective. Mastering our precious time, respecting our environment, recovering our arts and crafts know-how, simplifying the process and adapting the work to our lifestyle and not in reverse order.

What is your view on fashion world and trends today?

In my opinion the fashion world is undergoing an authentic metamorphosis. The big brands coexist with giants of the prêt-à-porter and emerging designers with new proposals.

There is no longer a fashion in itself, but different proposals overlap to allow the consumer to express himself, without having to follow any rules.

Can you name your favorite ISALDA design piece at the moment?

My favorite piece of the collection at the moment is the clutch called AKIRA. It has a sculpturally innovative shape. To create this bag, I was inspired by contemporary origami, which, with a single fold you create the volume. I chose a smooth and flexible Italian calfskin leather to create this style.
Besides, It has invisible seams which give it a clean and balanced look.

I believe that its singular form make it a one-of-kind accessory.

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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