Interview with W Y L D E in Paris!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Read our interview with the talented duo behind the Parisian W Y L D E clothing brand from Paris Fashion Week F/W 2018!

Marylène and Clarissa presenting some pieces from the IVALO exclusive Cut Up capsule collection

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During the Paris F/W 2018 Fashion week, IVALO Fashion Team's Ida and Stella had the pleasure of meeting up with Clarissa and Marylène, the super duo behind our Parisian brand W Y L D E. Read our interview with these amazing women who give the Parisian style a fresh breeze of sustainable and unisex chic.

Pieces from the Cut Up capsule collection

W Y L D E Paris's Marylène and Clarissa, your creations are wonderfully unisex. Does the designing process differ from designing menswear/womenswear collections?

No it doesn’t, the process is the same. The most important thing is to follow the inspiration without compromising, and then propose a comfortable wear - so gender doesn’t count.  

Actually, W Y L D E ’s creation was first inspired by menswear that's designed for women. After that, it moved progressively to no gender clothing and menswear clothing. Now, we pay more attention to the fits of the pieces so that they will fit perfectly both men and women.

We love that your materials are upcycled! How do you collect them? Has it been hard to source them?

We collect parts of our material in Rouen (North-West of France), from a huge warehouse which collects vintage second hand clothing. We choose the best quality pieces, with resistant materials and trendy colors and fabrics. With those materials, we produce our capsule collections with unique, handmade pieces.

For our main collections, we source new fabrics from international trade shows that present the best French weavers and the most innovative techniques for up-cycled fabrics. Our main partners are located in the south of France where the yarn is produced from up-cycled cotton, and our weavers create brand new denim and poplin fabrics with it. This is the best environmental solution to create new clothing with no ecological impact. The process of creation of the fabrics is difficult as we don’t have a large offer of material. But it challenges our creativity; our pieces have audacious cuts, original shapes on basic materials like soft uni-color poplin and raw denim!

Pieces from the Cut Up Capsule Collection are unisex and made from up-cycled materials

The amazing Cut Up capsule collection is inspired by the artist Jiří Kolář. How did you choose his art and did you have some other sources of inspiration while designing the collection?

Clarissa, the designer of W Y L D E :
I traveled to London in October, and discovered different artists making collages at Tate Modern and loved it. It was obvious for me to work with collages as it fits my way of designing clothes. I was particularly attracted with the poetry and freedom in Jiří Kolář’s work. Also, his color range was particularly harmonious with the winter season.

Otherwise, my inspirations come from people surrounding me, artists or architects I’m passionate with and even a specific lifestyle-trend can inspire me (such as the coming Spring-Summer 18 collection inspired by Slowlife!)

Marylène and Clarissa

You make your collections as limited editions. Have you thought about making collaborations with other brands or widening the selection?

We think about collaborating with artists who inspires us, or stores with strong identity and who know their clients' needs and tastes. With us, they can propose unique and exclusive fashion conscious creations.

For the moment we prefer quality over quantity, so our selection remains small to stay focus on excellent fabrication process.

You're renewing the brand and opening a new website in March, can you reveal us something about what's to come for W Y L D E?

We believe it’s a good thing to question ourselves and evolve. The work we've done on our brand image was indeed an introspection to reveal why we created W Y L D E and what we want to transmit, to pass… As we realized that we wanted to break down barriers to raise awareness, we prepared a brand new E-Store with a new « user experience » .  We are also planning to organize events in Paris to meet our clients and propose a new way to try and buy fashion! People need to consume differently especially fashion, so we propose a way to discover fashion, and feel aware of its ecological impact, in a poetical and aesthetically attractive way.

Merci beaucoup, Clarissa and Marylène!

See all of this amazing brand's pieces on their IVALO profile today!

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