#IVALOVE Friends: Interview with Veera Bianca

Veera Bianca is the lady to watch out when it comes to travelling in style. Read our interview with this amazing woman and add some inspiration to your wanderlust life!

(photo:@veerabianca Instagram)

Happiest Valentine's Day to you all! To celebrate this day of everlasting love and all things wonderful, we decided to present to you one of our dear #IVALOVE friends, Veera Bianca!

Veera Bianca, the lady that is hard to describe shortly, but we try our best; Veera is one of the most successful travel bloggers in Scandinavia, she is a master of influence marketing and PR. On her website, Veera describes herself:  “That wine-sipping cappuccino addict boss lady living life with a side of adventure. A plus-size health fanatic with a passion for inspiring you to live outside your comfort zone.”

(photo:@veerabianca Instagram)

(photo:@veerabianca Instagram)

Veera, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Haha, I believe the above sums it up pretty well. But yes, I’m a travel blogger and a PR / SoMe consultant running my own one woman show, which keeps me super busy at times.

I’ve always been interested in style (rather than fashion per se) and actually when I first started blogging I was focusing on style (this blog has since vanished and there are no traces left behind haha).

My passion to style comes from my obsession with all things beautiful, whether it’s people, interior, food or style. Beauty attracts me.

(photo:@veerabianca Instagram)

As you have travelled pretty much around the globe, do you have a favourite city / cities?

Oh hell yes, Hong Kong has my heart for good. I used to call that crazy city my home and lived the best months of my life there. Hong Kong has something for everyone and it’s way more than just a concrete jungle.

But then there’s places like Sydney, Chiang Mai and Stockholm that too, have my heart.

We have noticed that you love accessories, what is your favourite category; shoes, bags, hats?

I’m a hat girl - always been and always will be. Though, I’m really lacking on good hat shops right now?! Need to update my hat collection real bad. Actually, my grandmother used to be a hat designer and have her own shop, so wearing hats always makes me think of her. And I wish she’d design me a hat one day.

What comes to bags, I’m definitely more for the designer bags and less is more. I’d rather own 5 high quality designer bags than 20 H&M bags. Looking for a new Gucci clutch to add to my collection next.

And I have to mention one thing about bracelets. Whenever I set for adventures somewhere like Asia, I somehow end up filling my wrists in bracelets and I love them for good Instagram photos!

(photo:@veerabianca Instagram)

How do you manage to stay stylish as a busy business woman?

I think there are a few basic rules that save any outfit – and sure I too sometimes fail in that miserably, haha. I think the basic things are to ensure you’ve removed all pet hair and such from your outfit, add a watch and clean your shoes – that’s usually already the go. I also love well fitted blazers and they can save any disastrous hair or outfit fail.

For the perfect blazer look you should see these blazers!

(photo:@veerabianca Instagram)

Any tips how to dress for a flight? How to be comfy and stylish?

My flight outfit is always the same pretty much, I’ll go with double black leggings to stay cozy and warm, black simple sneakers and a comfortable long cardigan. Then I’ll never leave home without a massive scarf and those sexy flight compression socks, haha.

I think flying stylish has to be comfortable, I never see the point in wearing tight jeans and fancy heels when hopping along airport terminals.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Definitely Instagram these days, there are so many amazing curvy fellow bloggers that I follow and I always end up online shopping as I find something fabulous.

Thank you so much Veera! <3

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