The Holiday Survival Guide for Men

Eero Böök

Eero Böök

Oh yes, the lovely holiday season is ahead. If you are The Grinch of your family, read this!

The whole family is gathered around the table and you hear the same old stories each year, AGAIN AND AGAIN.  The awkward questions about your personal life makes you want to book the next flight to Ibiza, where you could tune in your favourite DJ’s set. But sorry to ruin this - ain’t gonna happen.

But, we have come with "the master plan", simply just follow the instructions:

1. Make a good impression.

How to make the best impression to the relatives you have not seen for years? The key is; Classics. Of course, made from the best materials, so you will look like a successful, stable and educated person. Also, known as an adult.

So, enter the house and use the good quality coat as an armour. Remember not to take it off before you are sure everyone has seen it and at least one of the guests (also known as your family) has given an compliment. This way you can turn the convo to the coat: Tell the story behind the coat or designer. Easy.

Rafis Wool Coat by Hannes Kettritz

2. Feel Comfortable

As we all know, you will sit down for hours. Gifts, food, stories and the worst scenario - family videos. This is the part when a pair of good trousers or pants comes along. Sampo Trousers by FRENN is the one for you. The designer behind FRENN is a talented gentleman, and will make you feel confident in smart trousers even if you would be more used to wear sweatpants. Sampo trousers are made of wool and have an elastic waistband. The comfort of jogging trousers combined with masculine credibility. You are welcome.

Sampo Trousers Black by FRENN

3. Don’t wear a white shirt.

When you are gathered for a dinner, a white shirt is always a risky choice, thus avoid it. As the earlier pieces were more casual you need something to show a bit of an attitude or personality. The 'Lennon' shirt is made of an exclusive paisley fabric and will give the “wow”- element to your look. Guys behind the Phix knows British tailoring and the structure in the shirt will give you a nice silhouette, even if you wouldn’t be “gym fit”.

Retro Lennon Nehru Collar Paisley Shirt by Phix

4. The Final Show - Escape

If you survived from the dinner and you are still in one piece, we think you deserve something fun. So give the best gift to yourself (by yourself).

Now focus: This is the part you need to create a credible cover story, why? You will find out later. Back to the look as usual:

Full look by DEMOS

Get the whole look from DEMOS and you can’t go wrong. McQueen Li is the master when it comes to Hong Kong, London or any street style. Yeh, bit summery without a coat, but we did some research for you.

Now use the cover story, call a cab and run!

The last flights to Ibiza on 24th of December

From Helsinki-Vantaa 21:00

From Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport  21:00

From Barcelona–El Prat 20:40

From Stockholm Bromma: “Sorry, there aren't any flights that match your filters”. Basically, you are screwed, But family comes first, right?

Ps. You have 13 days until the action, so please practise your cover story and how to iron a shirt (also from the back).

Pps. Guys in Bromma, try to make your way to Arlanda as there are several departures to Ibiza!

Eero Böök

Eero Böök

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