Guardian of the Baltic Sea - Beautiful jewellery for a good cause

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Read the interview with Linda Lehto, one of the Kehrä Interior designers behind the Guardian of the Baltic Sea, and get inspired by the story behind this amazing label!

Ruhnu earrings are shaped as the Estonian Ruhnu island in the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic Sea

Guardian of the Baltic Sea is a charity line of jewellery designed by Kehrä Interior, a interior design studio in Finland. The label offers beautiful handmade jewellery made of sustainable high-quality materials that takes inspiration from the magnificent nature and archipelago of the Baltic Sea. Each purchased Guardian of the Baltic Sea piece is also a small but powerful action for a good cause as the brand donates 20-40 euros from the sale directly to BSAG, the Baltic Sea Action Group, which is a charity foundation that protects the Baltic Sea. So far, the charity line has donated 120 000€ to the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Read the interview with Linda Lehto, one of the Kehrä Interior designers behind the label, and fall in love with the beauty of the Baltic Sea!

Skiffer studs, Bornholm ear cuff & Pohjanlahti cuff

Guardian of the Baltic Sea Cufflinks are handmade in Finland from recycled silver

How was Guardian of the Baltic Sea born? 

The jewellery line was created in 2010 by an interior design office Kehrä Interior. We wanted to make use of our talents to do something good for the sake of the Baltic Sea. The original idea was born after a scuba diving trip in the Baltic Sea. Back in 2010 the scenery under the sea was very alarming.

What values are you corporating into your design work?

We hope that the Baltic Sea and its beautiful archipelago will stay lively and beautiful for the future generations. Nature is an essential part of the Nordic aesthetics and our appreciation towards it stays with us throughout the design process .

Another important aspect in our jewellery line is the importance of making things together and how small actions become powerful movements. This is something that you can see in our chain of protection, where every numbered Guardian of the Baltic sea piece and its owner are presented together. Through purchasing our pieces, together all guardians have donated 120 000€ to the protection of the Baltic Sea.

We want to support Finnish craftsmanship and locally produced materials. Because of this, all our pieces are handmade in Finland. The recycled gold and silver materials are collected from Northern Europe and cleaned in Norway. In our Helsinki-collection we also use Finnish reindeer skin.

Pohjanlahti Cuff & Skiffer Studs in recycled gold-plated brass

Guardian of the Baltic Sea's MAP-collection's earrings get their shapes from different islands in the Baltic Sea. The cuff is shaped as the Gulf of Bothnia.

How do you create Guardian of the Baltic Sea designs?

All of our designs follow similar organic forms. While designing the pieces with my sister Heini we wanted to leave the pieces beautiful with some rough edges. These forms take their inspiration from the barren cliffs by the seashore. The pieces in our MAP-collection take their shapes from different islands in the Baltic Sea. We chose the islands based on how well their shape would work as earrings and how meaningful their stories are especially for the Finns. Some island shapes have been bend while other ones work as they are. We make also customised pieces to our customers - for instance wedding locations, vacation islands and other meaningful locations have been used as shapes for jewellery.

What inspires you to create Guardian of the Baltic Sea pieces? 

Our newest collection is inspired by the archipelago of the Baltic Sea. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It would really be a shame if the Baltic Sea overgoes to a state where it can no longer recover. After all, the well-being of the ocean reflects directly to the people who live by its shores. At this pace, by 2050 the seas will be more filled with plastic instead of fishes. That will affect directly to the scenery and the nature of the archipelagos and also the lives of the people who get their living trough fishing.

The Baltic Sea is currently one of the most polluted seas in the world, but luckily it's not too late to take action towards its protection.

Öland hoops are shaped after the second largest Swedish Island, which is know as the summer home to the royal family of Sweden

What is your view on the modern fashion world?

It's wonderful to notice how small and successful, ecological brands are being born especially in the Nordic countries.

Fashion world will always be the forerunner. Hopefully it's trends will also spread towards other fields when they're noticed to be successful. The consumers are starting to demand more transparency when it comes to the products and expect to get more out of them than just the shallow surfaces.

What is your favourite product from your own brand? 

Right now Krokskär statement earrings are my favourites. They go great with today's strong women power and bravery to be yourself.

Guardian of the Baltic Sea Krokskär earrings are Linda's current favourite piece from the label

Become a guardian and find your new favourite piece from this amazing brand! See the whole Guardian of the Baltic Sea collection on their IVALO profile!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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