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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

FORM OF INTEREST creates artistic unisex fashion design. The creative mindset behind this German brand is based in their artistic background in video and conceptual art.

“Unisex should be more than a boyfriend trouser or a skinny jeans”. FORM OF INTEREST’s design brakes barrier in their view on unisex fashion. Their design work creates new way of antiform aesthetics by creating fashion pieces without gender roles.

All FORM OF INTEREST pieces can be worn by men and women equally. Their ideology is “what makes you feel good is what fits you well”. You can find oversized and asymmetrical pieces that fit everyone. FORM OF INTEREST is a top player in unisex fashion design with their unique style and strong view of fashion design. Artistic details and tailoring make this brand one to watch!

Every piece in FORM OF INTEREST’s collection is either handmade or has a unique feature in it. The brand is really against mass production and doesn’t promote gender roles in their design.

Jessica from FORM OF INTEREST answered our questions about the blog:

How was FORM OF INTEREST born?

Form of interest. was randomly founded in July 2014 as a conceptual unisex label for men and women. The label includes garments, accessories, video and art. This background is described by the name of the label — as an interdisciplinary label in which fashion is one among other mediums to visualize inner thoughts and narrative images. My motivation is to leave a comment about what I see and recognize and have an impact on the the world. I started to work as a colour & trim designer at BMW, because I never planned to establish an own fashion label. Beginning of the year 2014 I moved into a small studio of an artist house in Munich to develop new projects in the field of fashion as my application for the master menswear program at the royal college of art in London. I made it through the selection progress at the RCA and the master study place was offered to me in 2015 September.
2016 I planned to start the master program and move to London. Meanwhile, that time I had the opportunity to start selling my collection I made for the RCA in small shops and also the chance to work with different people like musicians, film-makers and photographers. In the end it was not an easy but a heart decision for the label and against the RCA — but I am still really happy and confident this was the right decision. Sometime you might be old enough to push yourself further without any institution but with open eyes and a self - reflective mind. With Form of interest. I try to figure out how fashion can be involved as a form of medium to be part of relevant society questions. So in the end it is not only about making clothes — it is about ask in question things which are surrounding me as a part of cultural study. With this background as a women’s designer and my year in the artist house making menswear and a successful application in this field it becomes clear why I transformed my label into a unisex label for men and women. For me it is not relevant if it is a men‘s or a women s‘s body. The process is more to establish new proportions and forms around a body and not to mold the body. The preparation for the menswear program made me quite sensitive about human role models overall and I wanted to combine the unisex attitude as well to the men and the Women‘s body. Fashion is a form of communication to establish new narrative moments of humans. This is also for me a new definition of feminism which includes all gender of all races. It is about diversity in being human.

What inspires you to create amazing and contemporary design?

I am quite sensitive in my perception what surrounds me, so I get inspired every day unconsciously. The first thing is reading books about topics which includes the human and society content. Jean Baudrillard and Byung Chul Han as philosophical writers had an immense impact on my construction of the world overall. Out of this permanent context I am searching for mood images in the internet or in books. Contemporary art and the new media are great fields to get inquisitively .The way of making is a narrative one in my own world. The process of making a mood board is permanent a not exclusive for a certain time. In the end the result are garments but meanwhile the process I only have s blurred idea how it will look like — but in the end it makes sense and is totally me. This is the magic of a creative process — it makes you uncertain but your inner voice normally leads you to the right output. My interest lies in a kind of hyperreality analyse in reference to the individual and our digital world with connections to the analogue world. I am quite inspired by surrealism, Dada and deconstructivism. The unexpected the not normal is what touches me and is of my personal interest. To be part of a paradigm change motivates me to use fashion as a kind of cultural study

What is your view on fashion world and trends today?

I am quite critical about the fashion system how it is today. This might be one of the reasons I quite the master program at the royal college of art, because I do not see myself in a big company in the fashion world after the master program — this fact would break my heart and my love for fashion as a really important medium for society. The system no longer respects human values and became too fast and destroys our world. This is bullshit and has nothing to do with my understanding of design which includes the world — the humans and everything around. For me the holistic approach is missing with the system of mass production, bad working conditions and the huge amount of collections per year. Right now there are some positive changes and a mind shift which is really good. I guess small labels will have more influence on this change because they are more flexible and therefore not dependent of the market.

Short-term trends are not important for me, although I perceive them. I am convinced that there are fast trends which are presented only in an aesthetic styling habit and in addition to it long - term trends in general, which are more important. I am more interested in trends which really define new role models, describe a new way of seeing the society and new shapes or the way of using material. Beside this point of view it is really important to not adapt every trend and just listening who you really are without playing a non authentic role. Too much of digital theatre is going on in the fashion world. I am bored with all the actress and actors who think they are fashion, but they are definitely not. When you look behind the masque you see them only saying blabla. It is only about showing off and not about authentic content. Social media is a big enabler of selfish narcissistic behaviour especially in the fashion world.

Do you have any design / fashion muses?

I was and I am still inspired by Japanese fashion and their way of deconstructing typical aesthetics. This is the reason for mentioning Rei Kawacubo as woman and Yoshi Yamamoto as a male designer. But on the other hand there are also European designers :-) of course Martin Margiela and Hussein Chalayan for their innovating way of making fashion. Marcel Duchamp is one of most inspiring artist for me and so many people follow his way in contemporary art. Seeing the world upside down is a good way of being inspired

Can you name your favourite FORM OF INTEREST design piece at the moment?

Right now it is the statement trench coat form the new collection „we are the daughters of the witches you did not burn“ it is purple and very oversized with a twist in the cut and 3D letters on the back and in the front with the title of the collection as statement. It fits men and women and is in the same time a classical garment with a contemporary approach.

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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