Happy 100th Birthday, Finland!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

In light of the celebration of the 100 years of Finland's Independency, we decided to share with you some of our current favourite pieces from some of our most talented Finnish designers!

Today, on December 6th, Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence. The independence day (try pronouncing it in Finnish, Itsenäisyyspäivä) is an extravagant day with a lot of meaning here in the home country of IVALO, as our nation with grand history gets together and looks back while contemplating on how we have emerged.

The talents of the Finnish fashion designers are very impressive. We're proud of the emerging Finnish designers on IVALO, who are with us on our mission to transform the fashion world better. In the light of the grand festivities, we decided to share with you a few of our current favourite pieces from some of the Finnish designers on IVALO.

Aarikka - Loiske necklace

Aarikka - Loiske Necklace

Aarikka is an an accessory brand with history that takes back to 1950's. The brand represents unique Scandinavian design that takes its inspiration from the Finnish nature and forest. The primary material in Aarikka's products is wood and other natural materials. The brand respects the tradition of Finnish handicraft skills and they promote its importance through employing Finnish craftspeople who assemble and create the brand's jewellery by hand.

The Loiske necklace, designed by Pauliina Aarikka, is an excellent example of Aarikka's way of using Finnish nature as their source of inspiration. The necklace's name, Loiske, means splash in Finnish, and its maple woodgrain draws splashes of water on beach cliffs. In this necklace, Scandinavian minimalism meets a playful graphic shape, making it an eye-catching accessory.

Arela - Kim t-shirt

Arela - Kim t-shirt

Arela is a clothing brand that focuses on creating beautiful cashmere and cotton basics, the elegant necessities of every wardrobe. The brand was born in 2006 from designer Maija Arela's desire to create contemporary cashmere knitwear. Today, Arela is run by Maija and her two daughters, Anni Arela and Viivi Arela. Considered colours, practicality and effortless elegance are some of defining elements of Arela's work.

The classic of the classics, Arela Kim t-shirt is an example of this brand's ability to recreate classic pieces and make them even more functional and effortlessly chic. This t-shirt is made of sturdy cotton jersey and its straight fitted form makes it the new go-to piece in your wardrobe.

Anni Ruuth - Little Swan Belt / Swan White

Anni Ruuth - Little Swan Belt / Swan White

Anni Ruuth is one of the freshest fashion talents from Finland. Anni's way of designing with feathers and delicate handling of up-cycling makes her a true visionary. All Anni Ruuth pieces are created by hand at the designer's studio in Helsinki. Her exquisite designs are timeless in their design and impeccable in quality.

The premiere collection of Anni Ruuth was filled with elegant feather details and Swan lake-like aesthetics. As the national bird of Finland is the whooper swan, why won't you celebrate the Independence Day with Anni Ruuth's beautiful Swan Queen Belt? This waistline fantasy is created with luxurious silk and responsibly produced natural feathers.

Anni has designed also a gown to the traditional President's Independence Day Reception which will be held today at the Presidential Palace. We cannot wait to see what this designer has created for this spectacular event!

LIIA Jewellery - Himmeli necklace

LIIA Jewellery - Himmeli necklace

LIIA Jewellery is a Finnish jewellery brand with timeless design and handmade high quality. Every LIIA Jewellery piece is designed and made in Finland in a beautiful town of Tammisaari by the talented designer Laura Ikonen. Laura makes the beautiful designs mainly by using traditional goldsmith techniques but she also makes use of modern technology such as 3D modelling.

Himmeli necklace is inspired by a traditional Finnish ceiling and christmas decor "Himmeli" which is made out of straw. The Himmeli necklace has a light and timeless form and is made of silver. Pair this delicate piece with something simple, so that the design gets to talk for itself.

Vestiarium - Helsinki merino dress

Vestiarium - Helsinki merino dress

Vestiarium is a womenswear concept from Finland that was created to support and celebrate purposeful women of the world. Their mission is to offer slow fashion for speedy women. The utopistic dreamworld of Vestiarium withholds a dream of a world in which each garment is regarded as a collectible that perfects an individual's wardrobe to its maximum benefit. High-quality natural materials and carefully fine-tuned designs are some of key words of Vestiarium's design. Vestiarium produces long-lasting pieces that you desire and need, eliminating excess and unnecessary use of resources.

The Helsinki Dress in merino wool is a Vestiarium piece that has been named after the notorious capital of Finland. This beautiful dress is designed and manufactured in Finland and has voluptuous detailing on its sleeves. Hop in this blue dream and feel as great as you look!

Eväkäs - Fish leather pouch in sizes small, medium and large

Eväkäs - Fish Leather Pouch

Eväkäs is a collection of carefully handcrafted fish leather goods made in small series, limited editions and one piece by order. The name Eväkäs means finny in Finnish and reflects collection's material-based approach. Eväkäs is a design project by Finnish sisters Krista and Laura Nieminen and their design studio Behind the Sea Ltd. They explore the balance between functionality, simplicity and charm in their design that is strongly inspired by the blue waves of the Baltic Sea.

Every Eväkäs product is manufactured in Finland using high quality natural materials. All leather used in collection is vegetable tanned and chosen from European producers. Beautiful and varying surfaces of the fish leathers makes each product unique. For instance, the Eväkäs Fish leather pouches in sizes small, medium and large are a perfect example of the beauty of the exquisite surfaces of the materials and unique design of Eväkäs.

Guardian of the Baltic sea - Pohjanlahti Cuff

Guardian of the Baltic Sea - Pohjanlahti Cuff

Guardian of the Baltic Sea is a charity line of jewellery designed by Kehrä Interior and one of the newest jewellery brands to join IVALO. All pieces are handmade in Finland from sustainable and high-quality materials. From every piece purchased a donation of 40 euros goes directly to BSAG, the Baltic Sea Action Group, a charity foundation that protects the Baltic Sea. This way, each pendant is a small action for a good cause and one link in a long chain which has a greater meaning for the future of the Baltic Sea.

Guardian of the Baltic Sea's MAP-collection's pieces take you to a journey through the breathtakingly beautiful archipelagos of the Baltic sea. Each piece tells its own story of the sea reflecting the beauty from the barren cliffs and windy forests to the sandy beaches of these sanctuaries of the Baltic Sea. The perfect statement piece, Pohjanlahti Cuff ,follows the outlines of the Gulf of Bothnia, the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. The cuff is available in recycled silver or gold-plated brass and when purchased, 40 euros of the sale will be donated for the well-being of the beloved Baltic Sea.

Ivana Helsinki - Moomin scarf

Ivana Helsinki - Moomin Scarf

Ivana Helsinki is an independent art, fashion & cinema brand from Finland, established in 1998 by Pirjo & Paola Suhonen. During its 19 years of existence, Ivana Helsinki has gained awareness internationally and become a known design brand that has been approved as the only Nordic brand in both Paris and New York's official fashion weeks. The designs of the brand are known for their nostalgic forms and innovative prints. Ivana Helsinki's characteristic design thinking combines art, design, style, and film. The groundbreaking activities of the brand with various forms of culture gives us completely unique approach to fashion.

Moomins are an influential part of the Finnish culture. Many of us have grown up while hearing the stories of the Moomin family and we cannot get enough of them! On side of their own collections, Ivana Helsinki designs also Moomin by Ivana Helsinki collections that get their inspiration from the original artworks of Tove Jansson, the creator of the Moomins. The Moomin Scarf is an elegant piece that has hattifatteners included in its graphic print. The 100% merino wool scarf will definitely keep you warm during this cold season!

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Happy Independence Day from all of us at IVALO!

Stella Saastamoinen

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