Everlasting Style with IVALO - Interview with Lovia

Presenting our first episode of Everlasting Style with IVALO! We got the honour to interview Finnish accessory brand Lovia's designer and founder Outi Korpilaakso for this premier episode.

Everlasting Style with IVALO is our new interview series, where we give the floor to the designers behind the amazing brands on IVALO. The designers get to tell their story and give you a glimpse behind their brand's production and values. You'll learn why and how the design pieces that you purchase from them are everlasting both in style and quality.

Our first episode presents Outi Korpilaakso, the talented designer behind the Finnish luxury accessory and jewellery brand Lovia. The Brand is known for their classic elegance in their pieces and strong sustainable values. Lovia believes in transparency in all of their doings and offers you a possibility to follow your products DNA that reveals you the material sources and makers behind your Lovia product.

Lovia pieces we love

Thank you Outi for this interesting interview! Read more about Lovia and see all their beautiful products on their IVALO-profile!

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