Revolution has begun - Everlasting Friday fights against Black Friday

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Black Friday has become an international phenomenon that pushes consumers into a buying frenzy. On Friday the 24th, IVALO donates it's commission to Labour Behind the Label organisation. Everlasting Friday is IVALO's way to take part in the conversation about sustainability, lasting fashion choices and the overall state of our beautiful planet.

Dawn x Dare - Elvin Hand Knit

Dawn x Dare is a bright designer brand from Denmark.

The ideology behind Everlasting Friday has always been a part of IVALO's values. We support the sustainable way of consuming: advising our customer to only buy their new favourite clothes, nothing excess. If you don't love it, you won't wear it.
IVALO's goal is to make slow fashion cool and to give the spotlight to the emerging designers who are ready to start the revolution towards a better fashion world with us. It's not going to be easy, the road ahead is filled with obstacles but I, myself, have a strong belief that together we can start to build a better fashion future!

The fashion industry is a tricky field. There are so many incredibly talented, inspiring and contemporary designers who are all ready to express their point of views to the world. All IVALO designers have these qualifications and they are really aware of the impact that our beloved fashion world has on earth. Everlasting Friday's goal is to boost all of our talented designers and make the consumers aware that by supporting these rising stars they can be a part of a fashion revolution.

WWOOLLFF Co. - Back From The Dead Jacket N°9

Get to know Finnish designer WWOOLLFF Co.

On Everlasting Friday you can make the choice to say no to Black Friday and the hysteria that surrounds it. You can decide not to join the madness outside the shopping malls, you can say no to the needless junk with no purpose. This is the day, you can start your morning by wearing your favourite clothes designed by your favourite designer. Black Friday is a celebration of the disposable, style is Everlasting. By supporting IVALO's amazing designers you will most definitely make good fashion choices that last a lifetime. Take a stand with your own style and become a part of the revolution against mass fashion.

Doriane van Overeem - Annie Floral Dress

Find your new favourite among Doriane van Overeem's collection.


Get to know W.Y.L.D.E's collection.

ABOUT A WORKER - Aissatou Dress 1

ABOUT A WORKER is making a statement with their collection.

One great example of how IVALO's designers are making a difference is French fashion brand ABOUT A WORKER.
Their business model is built on helping factory workers from around the world to become designers in the attempt of understanding their vision of the fashion industry and glorify them as the craftsmen of the 21st century.

All of the collections of the brand are created by garment workers around the world. These workers are encouraged to reveal their personal creative perspectives towards the modern-day fashion industry through their designs. ABOUT A WORKER's values base on being experimentally expressionist, transparent, educational and ethically beneficial to the factory workers.

Labour Behind the Label

IVALO donates it's sales commissions to Labour Behind the Label

On November 24th, on Everlasting Friday, all of IVALO's sales commissions will be donated to a great organization called Labour Behind the Label.

Labour Behind the Label describes themselves:
"Labour Behind the Label campaigns for garment workers' rights worldwide. We support garment workers' efforts to improve their working conditions and change the fashion industry for the better. We raise awareness, provide information and promote international solidarity between workers and consumers."

We were really taken by the organization's ideology and values. The matter of helping the working conditions of garment workers is urgent and there are new horror stories coming every day. By donating our commissions we will be making a stand against these inhuman working conditions.

Please join the good fight against Black Friday by supporting our emerging designers on Everlasting Friday!

With love,

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Content Creator

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