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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Drifters LDN is one of IVALO's most groundbreaking men's fashion brands. The brand offers style for the one's who embrace change while sustaining strong, main aesthetics that re-surface in the collections. The designer of the brand, Latifah Usman, tells us about herself and the brand that sets a new tune to the streetstyle cool.

Drifters LDN is one of IVALO's most exciting brands when it comes to menswear. The London based brand represents the idea that as people we are constantly changing, drifting trough life. Drifters LDN seeks to break societal boundaries through breaking the boundaries that traditionally limit our freedom of expression. The signature aesthetics found in their design focus on clean lines, strong silhouettes and sophisticated streetstyle looks.

Drifters LDN SS18 Asymmetric Coat

Drifters LDN - Two Stripe Navy Cotton Shirt

Eero Böök, Head of IVALO's Mens Fashion, tells us about his first encounter with this edgy brand:

I was looking trough fashion magazines to get some inspiration and see some fresh names that have successfully made their way to fashion industry. I came a cross of very powerful picture, young lad wearing bucket hat and striped blazer. I was staring at that picture for a while, opened the browser and found the details of Drifters LDN. I contacted the designer, who turned to be one of the loveliest persons I’ve ever met. With Latifah we have created beautiful collaborations; for example the IVALO fashion film. We are happy to have this unique talent at IVALO.

Enjoy Latifa's inspirational interview and you can also find beautiful time lasting pieces of Drifters LDN from our IVALO webshop and app!

Drifters LDN - Workman Blazer & Workman Trouser

Drifters LDN Caught in the wind AW17 collection

Drifters London Designer Latifah Usman, where does your creativity come from?

I'm very inspired by people, culture and ethnicity. I think most of this is due to the fact that I myself am British, Nigerian, Lived in Egypt for 4 years and attended an international school and then came back to a very English boarding school. I've been surrounded by so many different languages and cultures. I find it beautiful to try, explore and express them through design.

Do you feel more inspired when you are happy or with the darker state of mind?

I definitely get more done when I'm happy! I'm more inspired when I’m happy for sure, but a lot of my really creative moments come from a darker state of mind where I'm more pensive and focused on whatever the task is at hand.

Where does the brand name come from? Is there something behind it?

I have always seen myself as and called myself a drifter. I think because I have moved around quite a bit and definitely have a travelling spirit. I almost feel a little lost if I am not seeing something new and discovering a place I haven’t been to before. I’m trying to hit 30 countries before I hit 30, all of the travelling forces me into new environments, inspiring me every time.

The brand itself is based around the idea that as people we are always changing, personality, style, choices. We are not static, so we almost drift through life discovering new things, new clothes, new interests... this is what the Drifters man is about, he embraces change. This is also why no two collections will ever be the same. I love to integrate new pieces and styles into every collection to make sure it’s always a little different while still sticking to the main aesthetic. 

Drifters LDN - The Pocketed Jacket

Latifah Usman, the Designer behind Drifters LDN

Drifters LDN Caught in the wind AW17 collection

Did you always know you would become Fashion designer?

To be honest when I was younger I wanted to be a doctor! The realisation of what I wanted to do hit home when I couldn’t get my head around chemistry or physics. I then asked myself what I wanted to do and I felt being a fashion designer would be cool. So from around 14-15 I said that’s what I would do and I stuck to it and never looked back. I always thought I would design womenswear but in my second year of university I realised that menswear was definitely what I needed to do to be challenged. There was so much to learn and learning new things genuinely excites me so I was completely sold.

Which collection made you the most proud of? Do you have a favourite piece?

Oh, this is a bit hard! I love everything to be honest. There is a piece of me in every single piece that I have made. I connect with all my designs and collections. However! The new season I am working on now is blowing my mind. I feel it's probably one of my most creative and commercial seasons yet. There are a few pieces that I am really in love with but you guys will just have to wait and see. It will be released during London Fashion Week Men’s in January.

Drifters LDN - Basic White Drift Tee & Navy Drift leather Bum bag

Drifters LDN has gotten a lot of attention from international fashion publications such as SCHÖN! - magazine. The Masai shirt styled in the October 2017 number.

Drifters LDN printed bucket hat styled in Fucking Young- magazine's September 2017 issue.

Drifters LDN has had a lot of publicity by featuring in famous fashion magazines as: Vanity Teen, Fucking Young, Schön! How does it feel to see your design printed on these pages?

 I only ever dreamed to be in magazines likes these to be honest. Even seeing how many magazines have featured the brand now is a mystery to me. It feels really good to be appreciated. When I started Drifters out of my kitchen 2 years ago I never thought as far as being featured in such huge magazine but I am so grateful, as it hasn’t always been easy so all these features are validation that it really is worth it. My PR team are the absolute best, constantly pushing me out there. I am so thankful to them and all the people that show the brand love. It means more to me than I could ever put into words.

Drifters LDN Skinned Shirt styled beautifully for Vanity Teen.

Drifters LDN Caught in the wind AW17 collection

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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