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DAWN x DARE - The Perfect Combination of Edgy and Loveable

DAWN x DARE is an amazing women's wear brand from Danmark Copenhagen. This beautiful brand is known for their strong collections that speak to modern women with a hunger for quality and individual style.

DAWN x DARE - Pleat Skirt

DAWN x DARE - Metallic Blouse

DAWN x DARE was established in 2016 by Charlotte Vadum and Vibeke Bernhoft. This fairly young brand is dedicated in creating beautiful and timeless fashion design. They are known for their incredible knits and other high quality pieces. DAWN x DARE is a brand that will have all you need for your perfect outfit!

”We wish to create an universe, where nothing has been left to chance and where no compromises have been made – furthermore we have added lifestyle products such as aroma therapy candles, cushions and blankets etc, which together with the basic knits and partyish dresses are the core essence in this new brand”, tells designer Charlotte Vadum.

DAWN x DARE - Pure Knit

All DAWN x DARE collections are exclusive and only entail around 35 styles per season. This makes these amazing creations really coveted. DAWN x DARE style is the perfect combination of luxury, edginess and endearing softness. There is no age limit for DAWN x DARE women, it's all about your attitude and personality. Now is your time to make a fashion statement and express yourself with these beautiful pieces!

DAWN x DARE - Metallic Suit

DAWN x DARE is the perfect new brand for anyone who is looking for Scandinavian style with a unique twist. All of DAWN x DARE pieces are skilfully designed to help you create and empower your own style!

DAWN x DARE - Tube Neck Dress