Darker Vibes

Ida Nyrhinen

Ida Nyrhinen

It’s something some of us never seem to get over. It doesn’t matter if the fashion scene fills up with colourful prints and bright colours, black is still considered as the ultimate colour.

I wanted to list my personal favourites from IVALO’s wide range of design creations to help you find your own newest black!

Combining different materials is the perfect way to style black with black. This seemingly boring colour scheme will turn into interesting play with textures.

IVALO is the perfect place to find your new everlasting favourites. Our emerging designers are experts when it comes to creating inspiring fashion pieces that are perfect for everyday use. Below you will find a wide range of clothing and accessories that are perfect for that dark vibe you are looking for.

Remember to download IVALO and you’ll be ready to enjoy the rest of your summer in style!

K M by L A N G E - Endless Sleeves Transparent top

KM By Lange’s Endless Sleeves Transparent top is the ideal way to bring that extra texture to any outfit. You can crunch the sleeves for more volume and adjust them to your liking.

Kesa - Linen Kimono Jacket

Kesa is a brand of tradition and carefully crafted design. All of their products are handmade and designed to perfection. One of the most versatile pieces of their collection is this beautiful linen kimono with deer leather belt. If you are as into black as I am, you should definitely browse through Kesa’s whole collection.

A.ANDREASSEN - Elskling Leather Mule Black

A.Andreassen is one of IVALO’s newest shoe wear brands. Her slippers are known for their comfortable wear and skillfully made quality. A.Andreassen brings her Norwegian attitude to her design and all of her shoes are made in family owned and run factories in Europe. These Elskling leather slippers work perfectly in your everyday style when you are looking for comfort and style.

Akaso - Patchwork Cotton Sweater Black

Akaso creates their designs in cooperation with an African tribe known for their bodypainting culture. This Patchwork Sweater is the ultimate play of textures with its leather patches and rough cotton knit.

Odd One Out - Green Minimal Mohair Sweater

Mohair, the ultimate queen of knit, is one of the best materials you could provide your skin with. Odd One Out produces all of their beautiful knitwear in Barcelona and provides you with impeccably warm and stylish sweaters. This dark green beauty here will ensure that your fall will be nice and cozy!

Anni Ruuth - Odette Velvet Trousers / Shimmering Black

Anni Ruuth is the newest rising fashion star from Finland. Her amazing feather creations have made her the Swan Queen of fashion, but she shines with her other talents as well. These Odette Velvet Trousers are the perfect piece to combine with basically anything. The soft glow of the velvet emphasizes your figure, making you feel like the queen that you are!

De Ubieta - Genoma Black Sandal

Animal free production is the core value of De Ubieta. Their designs are sustainably made in Spanish and Portuguese factories with a great attention to detail. These Genoma sandals are still very current and will be into the last days of autumn. You can style these beauties with socks or just wear them with bare feet.

Miriam Ponsa - Jumpsuit Skirt

This Jumpsuit Skirt by Miriam Ponsa is the versatile piece of clothing everyone needs in their wardrobe. Miriam Ponsa’s creations are minimalistic and beautifully crafted with attention to detail.

Alina Piu - Ella Tunic, Black

Speaking of your wardrobe necessities, this Alina Piu Tunic is one of the best everyday pieces in IVALO. This tunic is aery and fluid to wear, a true classic!

WWOOLLFF Co. - Back From the Dead Jackets | Model Nº 10 | Reworked 80’s Vintage Leather Jacket

What would the autumn be without the coolest leather jacket? WWOOLLFF Co. creates unique upcycled leather jackets that are truly something else. These hand-painted jackets are the roughest and coolest thing you could find at the moment!

Isalda - Akira Clutch

Isalda’s Akira Clutch elevates any outfit with it’s innovative shape and wearability. Wear it as a clutch or over your shoulder. Akira is completely handmade and carefully designed to be that one-of-a-kind design piece you are looking for.

NO/AN - Flap

NO/AN is one of Finland’s top accessory designer brands. NO/AN’s Flap is a true classic and a must have for us all!

Co.Ro. Jewels - Prismatic Wire Golden Earrings

To top of your black on black style jewellery is a necessity! Co.Ro. Jewels Prismatic Wire Earrings will give you that little extra to elevate your style to the next level. Co.Ro. Jewels draws its inspiration from surrounding architecture and you can really see that in their design.

IVALO will guide you to a whole new world of fashion. Our amazing emerging designers are here to help you with every outfit crisis and make you stand out in the crowds, even while wearing the darkest of the colours.

Ida Nyrhinen

Ida Nyrhinen

Brand & Marketing Manager

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