IVALO Crowdfunding

Matti Lamminsalo

Matti Lamminsalo

IVALO is a marketplace for ethical and emerging fashion with 348 brands from 17 countries. IVALO crowdfunding campaign began on the 17th of December 2018 and ends on the 28th of February 2019. The purpose of the funding is to grow IVALO to be an internationally recognized marketplace.

*Sales have almost doubled quarterly*

*IVALO has already many Finland's first-row business people onboard and for example, Peter Vesterbacka and Jaakko Kankaanpää are both investors and advisors of IVALO.*

*Several very well known Finnish influencers have already invested in IVALO. The influencers include Saimi Hoyer, Stella Harasek, Tuija Pehkonen, Jenni Rotonen, Janni Hussi, Eevi Teittinen, Ida Hanhiniemi sekä Henriikka Simojoki.*

"Right now the fashion world needs just the kind of courage IVALO has. They have strongly started to grow the company internationally. The problem for the Finnish fashion people has often been fear of failure. This kind of bravery is worth supporting especially when the concept is clear, well selling and supports both ethical and societal values."

- Saimi Hoyer

Jenni Rotonen - Author of the blog Pupulandia and an IVALO ambassador.

How to invest in IVALO

(Note: If your nationality is Finnish, use these instructions instead "Miten sijoitat IVALOon?")

Investments are made on IVALO's FundedByMe page. Follow these simple steps to make the investment:

1. Go to IVALO's FundedByMe page

2. Press green button that reads "Minimun investment EUR 223"

3. Login or register to FundedByMe. You can register by filling out a form or use your Facebook or LinkedIn account.

4. Select the amount you want to invest and fill out your contact information.

5. When the crowdfunding reaches the minimum funding goal of 350.110€ you will be sent an email containing the payments instructions. You will have 5 business days to pay for your investment.

6. Congratulations! You are one of the owners of IVALO!

What does the IVALO crowdfunding mean?

IVALO crowdfunding is an easy way to start investing or perhaps give the shares as a gift. Investing is an easy way to support the company's development in its early stages. Check out our blog post "Together We are Strong - IVALO crowdfunding" for more details.

Read more and invest in IVALO crowdfunding HERE!

You will be given shares for your investments. The amount of dividends you get depends on the number of shares you have. The amount of dividends you get rises when IVALO's revenue increases. The other option is that in case IVALO is bought you will get a portion of the sales profits that again depend on the number of shares you own.


Investing in a startup is one of the most interesting and challenging forms of investing whereby finding a good company to invest in as early as possible can later create great profits.

Investing through the IVALO crowdfunding page is an easy and less risky way to invest with the required minimum amount to invest in being small. The purpose of the campaign is to also get our customers involved in developing IVALO.

Investing in IVALO crowdfunding is also a great immaterial gift through which you can offer an easy way to participate in a business that supports sustainable development.

IVALO gives a voice to fashion designers, helps talented artists to rise to the top of the fashion world and to create the best possible design. IVALO supports consumers to make better more lasting fashion choices and to support real and valuable design craft.

Read more and invest in IVALO crowdfunding HERE!

(Note: If your nationality is Finnish, use these instructions instead "Miten sijoitat IVALOon?")

Matti Lamminsalo

Matti Lamminsalo

Co-Founder & CEO

+358 40 500 2607


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