Anni Ruuth - Queen of the Swans

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Anni Ruuth will launch her first ever collection in IVALO on 15th of August. Her ethereal feather designs from the Ode for Prèmiere -collection are the perfect addition to IVALO and we couldn’t be more excited

Anni Ruuth - Swan Queen Top - Swan Pink

Anni Ruuth is the freshest emerging designer from Finland. She graduated from Lahti Institute of Design in 2016 and her bachelor collection left everyone mesmerized.

Ode for Prèmiere -collection is heavily based on the graduation collection Slow Down.
Her way of researching the feathers and the delicate handling of the upcycling makes Anni Ruuth a true visionary!
“SLOW DOWN graduation collection is based on research about the ethics of down material approaching the subject in a soft and inviting method. Collection deals with the ethical problem of plucking birds while they are still alive to maximize the profits in the down industry.”
-Anni Ruuth

Anni Ruuth - Swan Queen Top - Swan Black

Anni Ruuth - Swan Queen Top - Swan Black

Ode for Prèmiere -collection is meant for the independent, strong and self-loving women who love to express themselves through style. Anni Ruuth invites all of us to become Swan Queens and become the best version of us.

Anni Ruuth - Swan Queen Belt

“Ode for Première is a continuation of the exploration through natural materials, reflecting with the sensitivity of ballet. The collection is highly inspired by the beauty and femininity of ballet culture. Ode for Première speaks through the voices of Odele and Odette from the Swan Lake ballet. It is a dialogue between two forces.”
-Anni Ruuth

Ode for Première -collection has strong influences from the ballet culture. Finally you will be able to wear your dreamy light pink feather design with Anni Ruuths creations.

Anni Ruuth - Skirt

Anni Ruuth creates all of her design in her studio by hand. Her and her trusted seamstress create the amazing pieces in Helsinki. Their work is impeccable and incredibly high quality. As a designer Anni Ruuth has the perfect understanding of women figure and the effect clothes have on all of us. She really wants to make sure that our clothes embody the person we are underneath them.

We wanted to know more from the designer herself and here is what Anni Ruuth told us:

What is your biggest inspiration in fashion design?

For me it’s very usual to try to find beauty from places or things which are not obviously beautiful. When beauty meets oddness, sadness or reality. I found it extremely inspiring and personal somehow. I’m a romantic but I like when things are edgy and real.

What does slow fashion mean to you?

It’s a way of doing things and to really think about the design before make the decision to produce anything. Anni Ruuth studio fabricates only small collections for sale and that is also decision we made under slow fashion mindset.

How is the fashion world evolving in your opinion?

We are living interesting times concerning new uprising sustainable and conscious fashion brands. Finally slow fashion thinking and consciousness is becoming part of high fashion brands and fashion world all in all. I think slow fashion thinking is becoming essential matter also in fashion business by starting to use more local producers, recycled materials and by producing smaller quantities.

How did you come up with the idea behind your first collection?

Everything started with the feather and down material and the ethical problems in down industry. I started to look more ethical options for live plucked down and feather and the subject totally took me with it. I’m still in that journey and full in love with it! Because the reality and the ethical problems I needed to deal with was quite oppressive I needed to find the beauty (I always try to find the beauty even from the most horrific subjects) from it and the feathers took me into the swans and swans took me into the ballet culture. Especially Tšaikovski’s Swan Lake ballet I found very inspiring at the time.

Light pink has a large role in your first collection, why is that?

I love to design garments for strong women but I also want to cherish the soft femininity and let it sheen. Light pink is some kind of Ode for femininity and for the Swan queen inside of us.

How do you find your unique materials?

By doing lot of research and committing to the work without giving up. It’s not easy I can say but definitely rewarding and worth of all the work. It’s all about searching right suppliers and producers who fits for my needs and standards.

Who is your ultimate Swan Queen?

There is few I could name but I won’t because all of the beautiful people around me are my real life Swan Queens.

Which piece is your favourite from the Ode for Première -collection?

This is difficult question because I love all of them equal but Golden Swan Queen blazer is really rad. ;)

Anni Ruuth - Golden Swan Queen Blazer

Anni Ruuth - Swan Queen Top - White

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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