2017 Highlights in pictures

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

This past year has been amazing for the whole IVALO team. We wanted to collect the highlights from the year 2017 for you to enjoy as well!

This past year we have done a lot of travelling. IVALO Team has been seen attending all the biggest fashion weeks in Europe, Slush Tokyo and Shanghai and overall spreading the IVALO spirit all around the world.

Fashion Week Frenzies

Milano, WHITE Fashion Tradeshow

Berlin, Seek Tradeshow

Paris, Who's Next Tradeshow

Paris, Tranoï Tradeshow

Paris, Stella in her Jatuli dress

Copenhagen, Revolver Fashion Tradeshow

Copenhagen, CIFF Fashion Tradeshow

IVALO Events

London Design Fair, ALVAR Showroom

IVALO Team Day, Our CEO Matti being artistic

IVALO won the best B2B in GrandOne 2017

IVALO Webshop was launched in September

First ever Superwood festival also featured first, but not last IVALO Boutique

First ever Superwood festival also featured first, but not last IVALO Boutique

IVALO's Everlasting Friday got some great attention worldwide

Premier of IVALO's first Fashion film was in the beginning of December

Stella & Ida represented IVALO at Finland's 100th year independence ball

We love working together with our team and our amazing designers.

On Friday we will be listing all your favourite products so stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for this amazing year!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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