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IVALO is an award-winning marketplace for emerging fashion designers. We are an all-inclusive platform for designers to build their business, develop their brand and create an intelligent shopping experience for consumers.

IVALO was established in 2016 in Finland. Today we are an international team of fashion enthusiasts and internet professionals eager to support the growth of slow fashion ecosystem.

We will revolutionize the fashion industry. No more fast fashion or disposable products. We are here make slow fashion the new cool and to create a community around it.

The time of emerging and lasting fashion finds is now.

Who are we

We are the heart and soul of this smouldering fashion revolution. IVALO is all about The Team. We are an incredibly forceful and passionate group of fashion fanatics, tech enthusiasts, business minded daredevils and never tiring adventurers.

Matti Lamminsalo

Co-Founder & CEO

+358 40 500 2607

Antti Seppälä

Co-Founder & Partner Relations

+358 40 066 0966

Lauri Lännenmäki

Co-Founder & UI/UX Designer

+358 44 513 1321

Ida Nyrhinen

Brand & Marketing Manager

+358 40 197 2423

Juha-Pekka Rajaniemi


Samuli Melanko

Head of Data

+358 50 518 5016

Stella Saastamoinen

Content Creator

Jani Lindqvist

Cloud Architect

Patrik Keinonen

Principal Engineer

Eero Böök

Head of Men's Fashion

+44 7449 313 528

Crista Repo

Fashion Scout

Kenia Avendano

Fashion Scout

Be the Fashion Revolution

We want to raise the most talented emerging fashion brands to the global spotlight and change the way the fashion world works. We value sustainability and slow fashion.

Key point Community of Fashion Lovers
Key point Over 200 Emerging Fashion Designers
Key point Designers from 15 Countries Around Europe
Key point Only the Best Curated Designers and Brands

IVALO Manifest

Fashion is beautiful. It is a story of individuality, love, dreams and incredible craft.

From iconic dresses, shirts, skirts and heels; materials that can make you feel incredible, to wondrously designed objects that can help define you.

Today’s fashion world is vast, strictly governed and controlled by a handful of giants. Value is in fast fashion over quality, mass market over individuality, profit rather than purity.

Fashion designers and creators are full of passion; they leave something of their soul in every piece they make.

But in this mass volume market, these gifted artists and craftsmen rarely break through.

What’s left is a world of hidden design gems, undiscovered beauty and lost soulful work, never to be seen. Never to be worn.

At IVALO, we are changing this. We are transforming the fashion world. We are the global voice for undiscovered designers and brands. We are a state-of-the-art digital community of fashion lovers.

This is a revolution of fashion industry; a revolution for the individual. A revolution towards a more sustainable future.

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