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We believe that design is the heart of fashion. IVALO is always curated with the focus on the creative work.

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IVALO  supports designers creating quality products that will last a lifetime and beyond. We think fashion consumers should focus on quality instead of quantity. We want to promote stealth purchasing rather than fast fashion.

Curated with Love

We attend all the top international fashion weeks and have a network of fashion professionals and scouts around the world. IVALO has 200+ brands on board. All of our brands are carefully curated and we are 100% behind them.

Be part of the Fashion Revolution

We would like to invite you to be part of the individual revolution. Alone we are nothing, but together we can build a better fashion future.

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Key point Over 200 Emerging Fashion Designers
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IVALO collections are the perfect way for you to discover the hottest designers and new looks.  Our fashion team curates these collections to help you find your perfect outfit.

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Do you ever wonder where designers draw their inspiration from? Are you interested in understanding how the fashion scene is evolving? Do you want to learn more about the most relevant stylistic movements ‘du jour’? The IVALO blog gives you an insight into the stories behind the brands. We tell the story of the designers and give you exclusive access to the inner workings of a fashion designer’s mind. We dig deep into the hidden paths of stylistic genres and movements, analysing the next big things and current favourites.

Benedita Formosinho - Magical design from Portugal

Introducing Benedita Formosinho - one of our Portuguese designer talents with magical design!

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