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Outdoor clothes for women at IVALO.COM are chosen by their topical looks and sustainability criteria. This stylish selection contains trousers, jackets, layers, wooly clothes, fleece, hats, beanies, gloves and more – all you need for an evening run or downhill skiing trip.

The Finnish sustainable outdoor clothing pioneer Sasta and the Swedish outdoor gear guru Houdini are secure choices for enjoyable experience – it’s lovely to be outside doing activities while staying warm and dry, without heavy paddings and stiff seams.

The sustainable outdoor brands invest in recycled materials – and recyclability again after the lifespan of the product has come to an end. These brands rely on ecological materials such as fleece and goretex. Also, the clothes are of durable quality that allows you to wear them for a long time.

An urban outdoor person can also choose some Danish street fashion from IVALO.COM. Rains from Copenhagen offers stylish rainproof vests, backpacks, jackets, and trousers for both men and women.