Women's Accessories

Use accessories to complete your outfit

Classic accessories will always help pull together your look: quality leather gloves, oversized wool scarves and, of course, silk scarves, that can also be wrapped around your head on those pesky bad-hair-days. Colourful socks, peeking from your sneakers, and five panel caps help bring playfulness to your urban street style. Regardless of the style, accessories help you to crown your outfit and bring out the flair that suits your style. 

Safe and stable dark colour palettes are easy to mix-and-match. But with infusion of bring and light colours in your accessories can help you to modify your favourite outfits with small, but crucial, finishing touches. From IVALO.COM marketplace you can find sustainable and ecological accessories - for example women’s scarves, women’s gloves, women’s hats as well as of course the newest trends of the season. All of the accessories are produced from sustainable and high-quality materials such as merino-wool, wool and silk by sustainable brands.

IVALO.COM is a Marketplace for sustainable fashion, where you find sustainable accessories for women. On the accessory product page you can see more information on the products’ environmental and societal impact through production and transportation as well what materials it is produced from.