Women's Accessories

The greatest favorites of sustainable women are bags and jewellery. A functional bag is the most important everyday item to keep your essentials safe and in good order. It gives you control and makes your life easier. When you choose a sustainably produced bag, you get a special accessory and commodity of great worth – and light up your mood as well!

A bag is a long-time partner that you should choose on personal grounds – not necessarily based on fashion trends or brand names. Give a good thought about what you need from the bags of your life and then purchase the exact ones that serve you well.

Whatever your style and needs may be, IVALO.COM brings you the most interesting small sustainable brands in the world. These brands produce their bags with a big heart, respecting the environment and all the people included. From the bag selection, you’ll find innovative eco-materials, long-lasting ethical leather, vegan alternatives, and recycled materials.

IVALO.COM jewelry selection has met a great demand for lovely domestic jewellery and the simple Scandinavian style Fejn design made of recycled silver.

In addition, the IVALO.COM marketplace inspires a sustainable dresser with interesting scarves, hats, sunglasses, and wallets. From the well-considered accessories selection, you’ll also find personal and beloved presents to give to your dear ones.