Pinqponq is a sustainable street style backpack and clothing brand from Cologne, Germany. 

Pinqponq wants to give a promise of a future with its existence because every purchase is a step towards a change. Climate crisis is closely related to consumption behaviors.

Even choosing the smallest ecofriendly option means that the planet can breathe slightly better. Pinqponq says, that there is no need to make compromises what it comes to durable clothing. They serve the highest level of sustainability and exceptional functionality and design.

Pinqponq is for example known for its simply stylish backpacks, which PFC-fabric is made of 100% recycled PET bottles. By recycling PET, Pinqponq has saved over 6 million PET bottles.

Pinqponq produces ethically and ecologically clothing as well and different kinds of accessories for everyday life rain covers, toilet cases, and water bottles. Product selection’s style is urban and simplified, made to active and minimalistic lifestyle. Most of the products fit well with the unisex style.

Sustainability Leader
value chain.
  • Design country, material and its origin as well as production country are known
  • Supply chain known and supplier data gathered
  • Auditing of suppliers
  • No fur used, and no hazardous chemicals used in production of materials
  • Long-lasting / reparable / recycled / natural / organic / easily recyclable materials
  • Certificated materials
Lower carbon
  • Energy-efficient production & efficient logistics
  • Renewable energy used / flights avoided
  • Carbon footprint defined and plan for emission reduction & compensation implemented
Design in circular
  • Design for quality and long-term use
  • Zero waste / waste of production used by another company
  • Offering repair / 2nd hand / renting / recycling services
Good working
  • No child or forced labor, no unsafe or unfair working conditions
  • Living wage commitments and decent working hours
  • Code of conduct / offers education
Responsible online
  • No incineration or landfilling of returned items
  • Products are packed in natural or recycled materials
  • Environmentally-friendly delivery options