Face Masks

The covid pandemic has made face masks an obligatory accessory for the whole world to wear. The fabric masks prevent droplets from spreading and are easier to breathe through than plastic ones – and also more comfortable to wear.

IVALO.COM presents sustainable fabric masks made of surplus materials – many manufacturers prioritize surplus fabrics to reduce wastage. Face masks are made in small batches and contain quite a small amount of fabric, and that’s why it’s easy to use surplus materials in mask production.

IVALO.COM ideology is to offer stylish design, even when it comes to face masks. The masks are washable and thus have a longer lifespan than the plastic ones. It’s important to wash your mask often enough at a high temperature; follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Popular face masks are found in selections of the Finnish brands Pure Waste and Globe Hope – they are simple and restrained. If you’d like more colorful and lively masks, we recommend you check out the fun designs by Tomcsanyi from Budapest.