Vestiarium’s new sustainability steps 2020

Our amazing Finnish brand Vestiarium started the decade with new sustainability steps. Read the brand interview to learn about them and how the brand aims at making life easier for their customers!

“Vestiarium in Latin means wardrobe


Vestiarium was born out of the desire to make life easier for customers through high-quality clothing and a new kind of service thinking. The purpose of the collection is to provide sustainably produced modern clothing forming a perfectly matched wardrobe that can be gradually completed. Excluding knitwear, all of the clothing prices include the possibility for customisation based on the measurements of the customer.

Sustainability is present in all of the brand's operations – the brand strives to design long-lasting, versatile products from environmentally friendly fabrics, and produces the items locally in Tuusula, Finland, and in Tallinn, Estonia. The production happens partly on demand, meaning that the brand's inventory is small, but customised items are quickly produced according to customer’s needs and measurements. This way, they are able to offer a wide variety of styles made from different materials.

Vestiarium started the new decade by deciding to offset all of the brand’s carbon emissions starting from the emissions of 2019. The compensation is implemented in partnership with Planet Loves Trees, a Finnish company that calculates the brand’s emissions and overcompensates them by planting trees in Tanzania. Additionally, the company's premises are now powered by wind power. Discover the brands story below!


Vestiarium launched a Sustainability Checklist that allows customers quickly and easily check the most relevant information about the material and manufacture of the garment. All the items also come with the information on who has made the item. The 'Taipei tee' shirt is made of Vestiarium's new fabric addition, consisting of 52% recycled cotton and 48% rpet fibre from plastic bottles. Also, the entire production chain of the fabric is European.


Camilla Mikama, the CEO and designer of Vestiarium, tells us more about the brand's story and ideas for the future. 


Hi Camilla! How would you describe Vestiarium’s aesthetics?

The cornerstones of our design philosophy are versatility and leaving space for the customer's personality – clothing should accentuate the customer's appearance in a positive way, not taking too much attention. We want most of the clothes in our collection to be suitable for everyday use, work and even for evening occasions with the right kind of accessories. Everyday wear is the part of our wardrobes we use the most, so we feel it is worth investing in. Our aesthetics are quite minimalistic and timeless, but we try to include something special in each garment, for example in the form of different cuts, details, shapes or materials. We especially love gathers, pleats, structures and interesting cuts!

What inspires your design work at the moment?

At the moment, it feels that we are constantly living in a between season as the seasonal variation is diminishing especially here in Southern Finland, so some sort of seasonless clothing feels topical. It’s of course good for the environment that the same clothes can be worn almost all year around, just by adding layers or changing outerwear depending on the temperature. This makes cardigans and blazers unbeatable, and next autumn we will introduce two lightweight jackets that can be worn separately or both at the same time according to the weather and feeling!

The road must have also been challenging at times, as we are talking about fashion and sustainability. What kind of challenges have you faced?

The biggest challenges for a small business like us, are raising awareness and sourcing eco-friendly fabrics. The people in our main target group are often living a busy everyday life so reaching them to tell our story can be challenging. Communicating about sustainability is also often tricky as we’re not perfect, hardly no-one is, so transparent communication about our choices and processes requires rather lengthy explanations. And when it comes to sourcing of materials, the minimum order quantities are often high and you have to pay more for smaller amounts. This is also why we wish to grow bigger – to always be able to offer our customers better options.


Let’s have a look to the future now – What would you like to achieve with Vestiarium?

We want to do our part in mitigating climate change by offering an alternative to fast fashion and making sustainable fashion aesthetic and comfortable, both at the time of purchase and when wearing the item. Luckily, the consumption habits are step by step changing for better and there is more demand for sustainable clothing. We also want to support small family businesses and domestic production – our material selection includes fabrics made in Finland, such as organic cotton and mulesing-free merino wool.

Finally, I would like to ask how does your dream fashion world look like in 2030?

Completely different from today! We dream of a fashion world with a neutral carbon footprint and no textile waste in landfills as all the fibres would be reused in a circular economy. The fabrics made from recycled fibres would make a significant part of the textile production. We also dream of using materials made from Finnish wood! But above all, our dream is that individual garments would be worn and taken care of with love and longevity – that is the first step towards a more ecological world of fashion.

Thank you Camilla and Vestiarium!

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