Mirkka Metsola 10th anniversary – jubilee collection HEARTLAND 20/21 is here

Mirkka Metsola is one of the best-known names of Finnish top fashion and has been producing unique and bold art of clothing for a whole decade now.

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The appreciation of Finnish design has leveled up high because of the current situation of Covid-19 – consumers are interested in supporting local employment and crafts, particularly in rough times like this. Choosing a domestic option leads to various positive social effects.

Mirkka Metsola invests in quality, localization, and transparency of every process in the whole production chain. The brand’s 10th anniversary publishes a collection named HEARTLAND, inspired by dark shades punk, 70’s glam rock, and sci-fi aesthetics.

Fashion for people

Mirkka Metsola’s new collection HEARTLAND presents mostly unisex products, to broaden the scale of usability of the clothes, and also to break down stiff gender roles.

As an example of this “for all”- thinking, Metsola brings up one of the most popular items of the brand: Boyfriend Pants. It’s clever to purchase just one pair of these trousers per household.

Boyfriend pants

Premium quality Finnish cotton college pants are versatile and stylish. The loose fit allows the owners to vary in size, so many couples or roommates tend to order these trousers to share, says the designer. Boyfriend Pants can, and even love to, be used for two! 

Local handcrafts

As a designer, Mirkka Metsola has a very recognizable touch. The design is strong and unique, with a timeless style that lasts through all the changing seasons and trends. The quality, hand feel, and comfort of the materials is a huge part of the top fashion nature – only design itself will not suffice.

Metsola also favors locality as one of the important factors. The fabrics are dyed and processed in her studio in Helsinki. Cutting, sewing, and production happens in Finland and Estonia. The brand employs a couple of dressmakers in Punavuori, Helsinki – they produce Mirkka Metsola hats and custom works from start to finish.

HEARTLAND -top tips

Ruffle Tunic

#1. Ruffle Tunic is a black tunic you can use as a shirt or as a dress. The sleeves bring some character and style to the Ruffle, and with varying accessories, you can dress this tunic into an astonishing party look, just as well as smart everyday wear.


Fringe Dress

#2. Fringe -dress is a beauty that turns heads when paired with high heels or black boots. Mirkka Metsola’s typical dramatic sophistication shows in this dress, and it is guaranteed to stay for a long time in your wardrobe. Fringe can be used as an everyday dress with jeans, black slim trousers, or a cardigan.


Sheer Shirt

#3. Transparent -shirt is a new, courageous life of a cargo-shirt. A relaxed, loose fit boxy shirt gives you a unique, dressed up look and works like a charm as a design gem in any winter celebration. 

Vision of growth

The success of Finnish companies and fashion brands also increases their chances to break through internationally. Mirkka Metsola has a vision of new markets and growth during the next decade. Finnish fashion deserves a worthy place in the global arenas, where northern design, quality, and know-how have already raised a lot of interest.

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