IVALO.COM X Radisson Blu Royal Hotel - In-room Store

IVALO.COM and Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki, have started a collaboration to create new experiences for hotel visitors and help sustainable designers in their quest by offering them an international audience.

Traveling for work sounds like an exciting way to see inspiring places and experience new cultures. However, in many cases the reality is less exciting than imagined. After the long days of working, often there is no time to enjoy the location where you have traveled nor the culture it could have offered.

Fashion pieces from Radisson Blu hotel display

In-room Concept Store - Nordic sustainable fashion in the peace of your room

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel and IVALO.COM have joined forces to give the hotel guests a possibility to get to know Nordic sustainable fashion in the privacy of their hotel room - when it best suits them. At the same time the sustainable fashion designers get a unique opportunity to gain international exposure as they are leading the way for the fashion world to a more sustainable future.

Visitors who are staying in Royal Helsinki the Business Class rooms and Suites, can from November 2019 encounter in their rooms hand-picked pieces from designers who are focused on creating sustainable and beautiful garments and design pieces. The fashion pieces in the rooms have been selected from the perspective of the customers to create interesting and inspiring styles that can be easily tried out. The displays are designed to embrace the rooms interior design and the feel of the room to further enhance the customer experience during their visit.

Radisson Blu Royal Suite with IVALO.COM display

Sustainability and appreciation for local design

Radisson Blu Hotel chain is renowned from its design past. The first Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, was entirely designed by architecture and interior designer Arne Jakobsen from the architectural details into the cutlery in the hotel restaurant. Following a complete makeover of the rooms of Royal Hotel, it will return back to its design heritage. Collaboration with IVALO.COM, whose mission is the create from sustainability a new global standard for fashion industry enables Radisson Blu to bring design in a new way for its guests.

Both IVALO.COM and Radisson Blu share a common value of having sustainability at its core. All Finnish Radisson Blu hotels are Green Key certified and the collaboration to promote sustainable designers further enables it to continue this work. IVALO.COM is a forerunner of sustainability as it aims to create positive change from within the fashion industry - and show the potential that we have to make the future brighter.

Combining these two elements - Sustainability and design - enables hotel guests experience Finland and its design in a way that respects the core values of “better for people, better for the planet.

IVALO.COM display in Royal Helsinki pop-up-shop

IVALO.COM Pop-up-shop in Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

To bring the fashion pieces beyond the rooms, IVALO.COM pop-up-shop will be available in the reception are of Royal Helsinki Hotel during November 2019. The shop will be open 10 - 18 Monday to Saturday and will have products from the following nine brands; ABOUT, Frenn, Lovia, LIIA Jewellery, MOIMOI, Nomen Nescio, Signed and Vestiarium.

In the pop-up-shop, you can try on the design pieces and feel the texture of high-quality materials. Our staff is more than happy to give more depth information of the products or share the inspiring story behind the collections.

IVALO.COM Pop-up-Shop



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