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The secret darling of the IVALO.COM team is revealed in this episode six of our summer blog series Hidden Gems. The Parisian-Bucharestian Gnana is an ecological catwalk brand to those who have an eye for an urban, unique, and modern style.


The Finnish team of IVALO.COM is allured by the Scandinavian simplicity combined with courageous design and stylish cuts that Gnana presents. At IVALO.COM, Gnana has been compared to the famous Swedish Acne Studios.

What’s Parisian about Gnana is the sexy elegance, and Bucharest – known as the “Little Paris of the East” – is visible in the rugged beauty of the clothes.

Gnana Studio

It could even be stated about Gnana, that the brand’s fashion is somewhat Helsinki style – the simple Scandi style and subdued colors are spiced up with just the right amount of Eastern Europe edge.

Gnana Studio

Art experience and eco-brand

Floriana Sandu has founded Gnana as a fashion brand that for its part responds to the global change in the world. You can enjoy Gnana the way you enjoy arts – breathe in the power, courage, uniqueness, and expression of the pieces.

By the same token, you can purchase Gnana clothes as personal consumer goods that also take a stand on climate change, human rights, circular economy, and animal rights. Floriana designs and materializes Gnana pieces personally for good causes.

Gnana Studio

Gnana’s clothes are produced in a family-owned Romanian studio and thus the feel of every piece is unique. The high-quality fabrics of Gnana are beautiful and sustainably chosen. Floriana only chooses organic natural fibers and holds recycling potential as a very important criterion. She also scouts about for surplus fabrics of other manufacturers, and that’s why Gnana is produced in small batches or as custom work to order.

Gnana Studio

Exclusive capsule wardrobe

Gnana clothing can be collected as a compact selection representing a coherent style. The colors are of topical, sophisticated spirit, and the design of the clothes ensures that you feel very special in your outfit. Gnana releases a new collection once every year.

Gnana is at its best when it comes to pieces that demand advanced designing and tailoring skills – such as blazers, special dresses and shirts, and trousers. You can also get some basics by Gnana, such as sweatshirts, tees, and shorts. In the basics design, there lies some story, too; not even one piece is made without unique breath.

Gnana Studio

Gnana’s clothes are perfect for petite-sized people – the one-size products tend to be size S, in our experience. We thus recommend that you order your purchase in one size bigger than you normally would.

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