Glamour meets resort casual - Granny Chic

Sunkissed skin, glam kaftans, cheeky visors and bikini pictures on Instagram. Fine bubble finesse and creaminess sensually playing with your lips, while flirting with the beach boys. Yes, it's Granny Chic Glamour at a Holiday Resort.

Glitz and glamour. Granny Chic Holiday. Guide for the most current trend. Sunny weather and palm trees

Sunkissed skin, glam kaftans, cheeky visors and bikini pictures on Instagram. Fine bubble finesse and creaminess sensually playing with your lips (Obviously talking about Dom Pérignon), while flirting with the beach boy with an incredibly toned body and big guns. The Miley Cyrus beats pumping through your walkman (coz retro is cool, and Miley sounds a bit like Dolly, huh?) and you just get carried away.


‘No one stays the same (Oh, oh)
You know what goes up must come down (Oh, oh)
Change is a thing you can count on (Oh, oh)
I feel so much younger now (Oh, oh)’

‘Feels like I've been living in a dream
But never make it to the end
My eyes open when they feel the light

It's always right before I'm about to scream…’


Yes, we’re talking about Granny Chicness at Holiday Resort - The coolest trend of the season. Inspired by mature elegance on it’s finest. Fashion icon Jackie Kennedy’s looks with a modern Kim K twist. Granny Chic -style has taken over the fashion world and is trusted by few pretty well-known people like Madonna, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The style is also becoming familiar among gents, maybe one of the best ‘GRANNY BOI’ or Babushka -looks has been served by A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean. Also the fashion designer Marc Jacobs entered into this trend with style as Vogue wrote: ‘ Marc Jacobs makes granny chic look crazy good’. These chaps have set the bar high, so you better do your research before rocking this look - no pressure.



Granny Chic is not a new trend, we could actually state that it’s a megatrend. The style was already introduced in 2013 in  and has been evolving since. However, this winter the trend is bigger than ever and can be easily spotted on the streets of Helsinki, London, Paris or even in Mallorca.

These looks are easily nailed by mixing some vintage treasures and bold statement pieces, which is great in terms of sustainability. Various textures as silky blouses and heavy wool ponchos & cardigans are creating an interesting look with a twist. The style itself is all about being playful and flashy as a peacock - more is more. So accessories as crystal headbands, silk scarves and top handle bags are the pieces you must have. Massive shades (preferably, some cool colour as light pink) with pearl details will bring you the glorious granny chic success.



The key product categories for this style are:


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Is the youth finally out of fash?

Well, the youth itself is not out of fashion, but as we are demanding some ‘REALNESS’ and diversity, this trend is definitely welcomed with open arms. It’s also a shout out for the sassy mature kween fashionistas as Baddie Twinkle, the goddess of the glitz & glam G-Chicess.

If you got inspired by this trend, first go through your moms & grannies wardrobe and spot those forgotten gems. Update the look with some of our new amazing knits and accessories!

Also, you gorgeous cougar women who are enjoying your well deserved holiday under the sun. You go out there and enjoy your vacay on its fullest. What happens in Mallorca stays in Mallorca, that’s a rule number one. As Miley sang ‘I feel so much younger now’ - it’s not about the number of birthdays you have celebrated so far, it’s about how you feel. Keep walking head held high and let the breeze play with your hair - be the Peggy Guggenheim of your life.

We promise, our lips are sealed XX